This protester is in South Africa. He is a Rastafarian.His Rastafarian religion is probably one of the oldest on Earth. His religion is based on harmony, peace, reverence of all who live in our world whether Human , animal or plant. This protester lives his religion.By living his religion he cares about his brothers and sisters in Iraq. That is why he is protesting.This man probably does not own a fancy car and is probably looked down upon by many he passes in the street, simply because he is poor.He has probably never harmed another living soul in his life.



This man is the president of the Superpower of the United States. He is responsible for the deaths of at least 1.5 million Iraqis by direct American military action.He says he is a Christian.

We can deduce from the irony of these images that:

we live in an Orwellian world where truth is called lie, war is called peace-making and that PSYCHOPATHS RULE


One thought on “OBAMA IS A KILLER

  1. “But that’s not what CF is really after.”He, like most other black coersevativns, is a modern day house negro who is offended at the notion of blacks challenging and confronting white people.”What you describe is racial nihilism of a sort.In this case, however, it’s not the denial of the the existence of all things, just the denial of the notion that blacks have an importance, value, and standing equal to that of whites, especially if they haven’t earned it.We see an offshoot of that in the movie, A Soldier’s Story. Sergeant Walters, played by Adolph Caesar, comes down hard on those blacks he considers inferior, and a burden to the black race, because they don’t acquit themselves with the same propriety as whites.White acceptance becomes the theme: It’s not for whites to accept us as we are, we must present ourselves worthy of such an honor by our comportment, by our education, by our appearance, by our fidelity to those values that whites hold near and dear.In short, if whites aren’t accepting us, or finding us acceptable, then it’s our fault, and not theirs. We have to show ourselves approved.And this was the general mindset in this country for years, and it still persists in some black-white interactions, and from some black quarters.This mindset gave rise to colorism and Tomism.Another black-white theme was exploited by Richard Wright, and was enshrined in his book, Native Son.White illumination becomes the theme, and an appeal to white guilt.Through the character of Bigger Thomas, Wright attempts to show whites the folly of racial oppression.It was Wright’s hope that if whites could only see how damaging it was, how dehumanizing it was, both for blacks and whites, that whites would voluntarily resist their natural predisposition to oppress blacks.The first theme–white acceptance:”Street Pirates,” as well as a host of other unsavory black characters, chief among them, rappers, are making it hard on the rest of the black community, and giving us all a black eye.Whites won’t accept us as long as this ignorant, inferior, and untutored bunch exists and thrives.The second theme–white illumination:Most of the gains that blacks have made politically, socially, and economically, have come as a result of a great struggle.Nothing was freely given; we had to agitate, march, protest, and yes, “burn baby burn,” to lift the booth of oppression from our neck, and to open up more opportunities for blacks in this country.Wright was well-meaning, but he was naive in his belief that whites would do the right thing by us, once they knew the damage that racism caused, especially to the black psyche.

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