01 August , 2015

On the Obama Africa Trip

The ‘House Nigga’ Visits the Slave Quarters


The best thing that can be said about U.S. President Barack Obama’s recent trip to Africa, is that it is over. We have thus far survived the visit of the British Empire’s thug and enforcer, although the trouble he stirred up and his statements imply that our survival is severely threatened.

Let us be clear about the purpose of this visit of the Empire’s “house nigga” to the slave quarters, for it is not to be found in either his pious words, nor the coverage by the mostly fawning and docile media, although his imperious tone belies their real meaning. In recent months, Africa has been given hope by the emergence of a new global force for change and progress, led by some of the more populous and powerful nations on the planet, the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and our nation, South Africa). They offer a new system of credit, for much needed infrastructure and energy development, especially safe and clean nuclear power. They do so without the strings and debt-farming of the decadent and dying trans-Atlantic monetarist system that Obama represents; as such, the BRICS is becoming the seed crystal for the new just world economic order envisioned by our great leaders such as Cheikh Anta Diop and our beloved father, Nelson Mandela.

Obama came to Africa to halt the movement of Africa towards this new order. That is the real content of his lectures: Stay within our imperial system or else. And the “or else” is the chaos of war and terrorism, where the terror is unleashed and controlled by the intelligence agencies of Britain and America and their allies in evil, such as the disgusting Saudi monarchy. The carrot Obama offers is a controlled development, that leaves Africa further indebted to western banks and looters, without sovereignty and without dignity. How dare this man lecture us on morality and ‘rights’, this man whose nation robs its own black citizens of their dignity and even their lives, in a collapsing, drug-ridden economy, where the poverty grows, along with hopelessness and despair, and where his government protects the Wall Street criminals and their bankrupt financial institutions as they loot the American people? What right does this warmaker and murderer, who violates that most beautiful American Constitution to wage wars all over the world, including on our continent, to tell us how to conduct our affairs? We need real help, not lectures, and certainly not threats. Any sane African would tell Obama to stay the hell out of our affairs and away from Africa. We do not reject America, but Obama does not speak for the America of such great men as George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Franklin Roosevelt, and John Kennedy. No! He speaks for the British Empire from which America fought to free itself; he is not an American patriot but a British traitor, who kisses the ugly rump of that evil whore, the Nazi-loving British Queen, whose policy towards Africa is to save its animals but kill its people.

Obama comes to Africa, while back in the United States, and around the world, there is real concern that in this month of August, he might, while the American Congress is in recess, launch thermonuclear war against the leaders of the BRICS, Russia and China. We stand with those forces who will block this drive towards our extinction, by seeking the removal of Obama from office—immediately. We, in South Africa, stand against Obama and his British slave masters. We stand with the BRICS, and welcome the future that they seek. We hope that America will purge itself of its British agents, like Obama, and join with us. We must no longer bow and scrape to those who would place our lives at risk, even if they claim to be like us. We are not slaves to be sneered at and lectured, and we will not submit to the authority of the dying system that Obama serves.

We in Africa await the day when we can work with a new American presidency, one that is freed of control by the British Empire and is committed to a future of peace and development.

Ramasimong Tsokolibane

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