Now is the Time to End the Sorcerer’s Spell and Take the Country Back

Source: LaRouchePAC Live

Now is the Time to End the Sorcerer’s Spell and Take the Country Back

Streamed live on 25 Apr 2019

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Tonight’s call will feature the starkest contrast between two dynamics: one which is taking place in China and is exemplified by the Second Belt and Road Forum, which commenced this morning in Beijing and involves leading figures from 140 countries, including nearly 40 heads of state, deliberating the development of large scale economic infrastructure and the creation of modern economies throughout the formerly underdeveloped nations of the world. The other features a United States where the British led efforts at destroying the nation by hobbling its presidency for the next two years, continues. Fools will proclaim that the attempted coup has ended, it has not. It was not just aimed at Donald Trump. It was aimed at the nation itself. The Democratic Party, which put itself fully in the British pocket when Russiagate commenced, now can’t retreat because they are deeply implicated in a coup against the Presidency and face prosecution. Like the infamous Sorcerer’s Apprentice in Goethe’s Tale, they have unleashed a “magic” they are incompetent to control or change. It is a dynamic which is wholly destructive.

Now is the time to pull rank with the ideas of LaRouche. First, Dennis will summarize the revolutionary and exciting events taking place in China. Then, Bill Binney will report on the incompetence of the Mueller Report’s central thesis: that Russia hacked the DNC and John Podesta. Then, Barbara Boyd will report on what comes next in the fight to expose the British side of the coup and the necessity of deepening this battle. But, most importantly, we will talk about reviving the spirit of both LaRouche and Ben Franklin in the United States by our drive to consolidate Committees of Correspondence wherein average individuals qualify themselves in the philosophy and science necessary to run the country and form the types of alliances guaranteeing prosperity for the entire world.

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