Not the BBC but the Real Voice of Britain

Excellent news broadcast from the UK Column covering the blatant BBC propaganda on the Trump election and the British Brexit. Also covered is the complete absence of  human rights in Britain when it comes to victims and whistleblowers of the entrenched paedophilia networks that serve as a basis to blackmail members of government institutions and establishments.

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Source: UK Column

UK Column News – 11th November 2016  

Published on 11 Nov 2016

Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson are joined by Alex Thomson from Eastern Approaches for today’s news, including:

START George Osborne gets a gong from the Queen
03:00 More media panic over Donald Trump
09:30 Similarities in media rhetoric between Trump and Brexit
20:40 One Guarian journalist calls for Trump assassination
22:15 The Guardian calls on Facebook to do more to prevent “fake news”
28:00 The ramifications of Brexit on the German economy
32:30 Junker demands faster EU military integration
44:45 The Common Purpose agenda continues
52:00 The Scottish government and EU fund programme to educate 2 year old children about their gender alternatives


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