No One Left Behind in Xi `s China

the Western media like to call President Xi Jinping an authoritarian character, they mock Chinese government and slate its economy. While many in the West could watch this documentary and say it is p.r. rubbish, the truth is that within the next few years all poverty in China will have disappeared. In the West we laugh at government,  we know when our politicians are lying because their lips are moving but this `thing` that is happening in China is real, Xi Jinping is `for real`, he sees the role of government as caring for the dignity of the people!

Source: New China TV

Xinhua Special: Why does Xi Jinping visit the rural poor before Chinese New Year?  

Published on Feb 13, 2018

Why does Xi Jinping visit the rural poor every year before Chinese New Year? In the run-up to one of the most important traditions for Chinese across the globe, the leader of the world’s second largest economy takes time out from his official duties to pay house calls on ordinary people. Xinhua Special finds out why

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