No, John Bull, The Markets Do Not Supersede Humanity

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No, John Bull, The Markets Do Not Supersede Humanity

May 30, 2018
President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump’s visit to China, November 10, 2017 Photo: White House

Within hours of the President of Italy rejecting the slate of ministers submitted by the majority coalition, while issuing a speech which openly declared that the will of foreign investors and the unelected bureaucrats in Brussels overrides the will of the Italian people, all Hell broke loose across the western world. The fact that such a blatant declaration of the power of the British-centered financial empire over sovereign states is creating a massive backlash was lost on no one. The three other destitute states of southern Europe—Spain, Greece and Portugal—are facing similar disasters, with declining currency values and rising interest rates on their sovereign debt. The fact that the euro system as a whole is dysfunctional is increasingly obvious to all.

Even the Wall Street Journal published an op-ed warning that such a blatant disregard for the democratic vote will only “confirm the perception that the EU is immune to public opinion.”

That dangerously widens the divide between Europe’s people and institutions. Helga Zepp-LaRouche spoke more clearly: “The demise of the euro is coming, the power of the elites is coming to an end. Whatever they do makes it worse.” Deutschebank, drowning in derivative debt, has already admitted the failure of its effort to become the world’s biggest hedge fund. It’s new leadership is trying to shed its investment banking operations—a process which could alone be the trigger which explodes the entire system, making the 2008 crisis pale in significance.

Nor is the crisis contained in Europe. The U.S. and European banking systems are indistinguishable. In Brazil, after a truckers strike brought the economy to a stand still for 9 days, President Temer gave in and removed the new taxes he had imposed on fuel. Argentines are watching carefully, as President Macri is being told by his Wall Street controllers that massive budget cuts and depreciation of the peso will be the conditions on any IMF bail out, even as the current austerity measures have driven the population to the brink.

Of course, none of this will resolve the crisis. The western financial system cannot be “fixed.” The entire western banking system is awash with worthless speculative paper which is being serviced ahead of the needs of the human race. A new system, based on Hamiltonian creditary policies, can and must be implemented, as LaRouche’s Four Laws prescribes. Indeed, the fact that the two Italian coalition parties trying to form a government both call for Glass Steagall and a national infrastructure bank—the first two of LaRouche’s Four Laws—is to a great extent the cause of the terror in London and Brussels that led to their dictatorial rejection of the will of the people of Italy.

All of Asia is uniting around the spirit of the New Silk Road. President Trump is in the process of working with Asia to resolve the Korea crisis once and for all, through a “peace through development” approach. With Russiagate being transformed into Spygate within the U.S., due in great part to the LPAC intelligence reports on the subversive role of British intelligence and the Obama intelligence team, Trump should soon be free to bring the U.S. into full cooperation with the New Silk Road in building a new paradigm for all of mankind. The opportunity must not be missed.


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