Mugabe`s history of mass murder in Zimbabwe

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Mugabe A Satanist Of Writ – Dube


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2nd February 2016

A hypocrite is a person who feigns some desirable or publicly approved attitude, especially one who’s private life, opinion, or statements belie his or her public statements.

Matabeleland Liberation Organisation- MLO finds President Mugabe to be one such a person who’s private life, opinions or statements are in serious conflict with his preferred faith and survives on great deception. President Robert Mugabe is a Satanist par excellence.

While he continues to present himself to the world as a representative of the rights of the Africans as he shamelessly did at the 26th Ordinary Summit of the AU, on Saturday in Addis Ababa Ethiopia, thousands of declassified documents that expose him as the prime architect and perpetrator of Matebele genocide are now available in a raft of foreign archival collections.

It is our testimony that out of his hate for Matebeles and Whites, guided by the evil Grand Plan of 1979 (a document similar to The Hutu 10 Commandments of Rwanda) and subsequent reviews thereof, he and his henchmen hired North Korean instructors to train the Zimbabwe National Army 5 Brigade specifically to murder and maim Matebeles and white citizens in their diversity.

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The 5 brigade which was code named Gukurahundi was deployed in Matabeleland to annihilate Matebele nation and kill some white farmers and forcibly removed them from their land which they had legally acquired under Zimbabwe’s laws and given Title Deeds after the Government Certificate of No Interest had been issued by the Zimbabwean government led by President Robert Mugabe.

In 1981 President Robert Mugabe unleashed the Zimbabwe National Army 5 brigade composed of Shona speaking soldiers only into Matebeleland where it left a trail of blood and destruction. The memories are still there and the pain is still fresh and the people have not forgotten.

Over 40 000 unarmed civilians were dastardly killed for being Ndebele, thrown into disused mine shafts alive, some were locked in their thatched huts doused with petrol or diesel and set alight and burnt inside until they died and those who tried to escape were put down by AK rifles.. Some were ordered to dig shallow graves and kneel therein and shot by AK 47 rifles while their relatives and neighbours watched and later ordered to cover the shallow graves and dance on top while singing Shona songs praising President Robert Mugabe. Yes President Robert Mugabe is a pan-Africanist standing for the African human rights ?

Unbelievable and shocking: pregnant women had their stomachs ripped open and some lactating mothers ordered to smash the heads of their infants on hard surfaces until they died , roast and eat flesh of their infants, married women ordered to kill their husbands by chopping their heads with axes. Over 100 000 of Matebele school going girls and women were raped, over 1 000 000 Matebeles dispersed into the diaspora mainly Botswana and South Africa and the remaining population of 3 500 000 are living under oppressive and discriminatory conditions. Who can deny that President Robert Mugabe is a pan Africanist standing and defending African lives against the west ?


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