Mugabe and the Wretched of the Earth

Mugabe and the Wretched of the Earth

People say about Robert Mugabe –  isn`t he great, the way he has stood up to the West, he has stood up to imperialism, banned the BBC and defended Zimbabwe against capitalist vultures.

I say.

Mugabe is imperialism. Mugabe is king of the Wretched.He has lorded himself over misery for more than 30 years. He is not a liberation hero, he is one of Africa`s finest economic hitmen.He has single-handedly dismantled the economy of Zimbabwe to the point at which it cannot even be called an economy.

His popularity among Zimbabweans has been a public relations propaganda campaign, one so effective internationally that even the BBC could not have sustained such a whopping huge lie for so long.

The Zimbabweans who attend pro-government rallies are either forced or get paid ! They get `stomach infrastructure` to hold up ZANU PF banners , they get bags of rice, or they are intimidated to show support for their president.

Zimbabweans loathe this monstrosity of African dictatorship just like Rwandans loathe King Kagame and Ugandans loathe Museveni and the Congolese loathe Kabila. Yes they loathe these  dictatorial,  greedy,  corrupt,  lying bastards who cling to power.

And they loathe the queens – Queen Jeannette in Rwanda and Queen Grace in Zimbabwe, the queens who are way way way worse that anything 18th century French imperialism could come up with. At least Marie Antoinette had the excuse of being a result of European royal inbreeding  with no brain power. Jeannette and Grace know people in their countries don`t eat everyday but they still hire private jets to go on multi- million dollar shopping trips to London and Paris.Then they come home and put on the African revolutionary outfits to give speeches to the people about how evil colonialism was and how Africa must continue to fight its liberation wars.

Queen Grace posing as the  revolutionary. Image AFP Jekesai Njikizana

The Million Man March held in Harare in 2016 was an event for the international media, a publicity stunt for President Mugabe.


And the War Veterans. This is a movement which has come from Zimbabwe`s Youth Wing. Like Malema and the EFF . Julius Malema who founded the Economic Freedom Fighters was previously the president of the ANC Youth League.

A veteran of the Rhodesian war would have to be 55 or older.Which means in Robert Mugabe`s Zimbabwe most war veterens are dead given that average life expectancy is around 57.

So who are these 20 something year old war veterans? And  what will they do with themselves when there really aren`t any more wars to be fought. How will they feel about being redundant? But they don`t want to be redundant, they don`t want  not to have physical or economic wars of liberation to fight because that is the purpose of their existence. They exist to be the Wretched of the Earth, they exist to grovel in colonialism`s hell, they have been indoctrinated to do so. They have been indoctrinated by leadership that gets paid to perpetuate a state of victimhood in the mind of Africa`s youth.It is a psychological program because a person who sees themselves as a slave can never be free.That is the psychological reason for the existance of the so-called war veterans and its equivalent over the border in South Africa – the so called Economic Freedom Fighters.Do the supporters realize how much money the leadership gets? Like Malema`s super bling, his properties, investments and ultra expensive attire for when he`s not dressed in his revolutionary outfit to give speeches about South Africa`s wealth inequality!

Zimbabwe`s war veterans cleared the whites off the farms, another of their real purposes. They cleared the farms by some not fair but very foul means. They got the whites to flee because the whites couldn`t shoot back to defend themselves because if they did and managed to survive they would be sent to prison for assault or murder in Zimbabwe`s travesty of a legal system.The same, exact same program of terror is being conducted in South Africa on the white farmers and is probably being conducted by psycopaths who have been radicalized in the EFF. Again the South African farmers who attempt to protect themselves and their families from rape, blow torches, machetes, hammers, knives or bullets stand a high chance of being arrested for assault or murder by the travesty of South Africa`s courts. I know that because I have read of many many cases, heard about others and personally know one man who was arrested for shooting in the leg, a member of a gang  who tried to stab him to death. The trial did not go to court because that farmer died of his injuries before he could be taken to court.

When Robert Mugabe was coming to prominence, a very decent president of Mozambique, Samora Machel, wanted nothing to do with Robert Mugabe and initially refused to allow the presence of his Zimbabwe African National Union (ZANU) forces on Mozambican territory. Samora Machel said Mugabe was a foreign agent, that he worked for the British.

Of course Mugabe worked for the British, he was funded by them to take over Zimbabwe and run it on their behalf. Ian Smith had declared unilateral independence from Britain. The Rhodesian government had told Britain that they would run their country according to their laws.Mugabe was honoured at the very highest level by Britain. He was knighted in 1994 and given the title Knight Commander of the Order of the Bath by the Queen.

Empire`s revolutionary

He was the City of London protégé and ran his country into the ground by following diktat from the IMF. The Rhodesian government under Ian Smith had done the opposite they had industrialized , invested in infrastructure and industry and had created a thriving economy. Unfortunately they also followed imperialist doctrine by not allowing the  majority of Rhodesians to vote!

There were better men, far better leaders than Mugabe who could have come to power but the British saw to it that Mugabe became president. That was until he got older and wiser and under Gadaffi`s guidance, turned his back on Britain.

But he didn`t do what Gadaffi did. He did very little for his people. His mission in life was to cling to power, to be the outlaw against the West. Instead of building an economy for his people he did what Kagame is doing in Rwanda – removing poverty (according to millenium goals) by removing the poor people!

He recently banned street vending in Harare ( poor people are street vendors) and some years ago in Operation Clean Up the Filth he bulldozed down an entire district (of poor people) in Harare. Unbelievable!Just like Kagame, Mugabe has waged war not on poverty but on poor people. This is imperialist doctrine hitting new levels.I mean the British did that kind of thing in Scotland but at least a hundered years ago. They wanted to start sheep farming in the Scottish hills but people lived there so they just got rid of the people. Threw them out of their homes and off their land it was called the Scottish Clearances. Perhaps Mugabe read about it and that`s what gave him the idea.

But it`s nothing new for him. Early on in his career he had tens of thousands of Ndebele murdered in the west of the country .And the world has known about that genocide since it happened.

Mugabe does not deserve excuses from other African leaders simply because like Kagame and Museveni, he is African. Mugabe has always been a product of imperialism. He was a product of imperialism when he was adored by his City of London masters and to this day he remains a product of imperialism by living on his hatred of it, by living his Fort Hare University days of indoctrination, indoctrination of being the oppressed. It is you Mugabe who have made Zimbabweans the wretched of the earth.


footnote – The Wretched of the Earth by Franz Fanon, published in 1961 is one of the main influences on African revolutionary thinking. Fanon`s  message is  negative, culturally pessimistic and perpetuates a mentality of victimhood. Fanon was a product of British social engineering by the Tavistock Institute.


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