The British Are Totally Bankrupt: It’s Time To Dump Obama, Schäuble, and Wall Street

Last week’s visit to Britain by China’s President Xi Jinping came at a time when the British economy is totally collapsed, the British banks are hopelessly bankrupt, the British Monarchy is in a state of disintegration, and the entire global Anglo-Dutch system is on the edge of total disintegration.  The Chinese are well aware of all of these factors, and are moving accordingly.

From the standpoint of the West, it is time for some immediate house-cleaning, before the British-owned desperados, like President Obama, start the world war they have been attempting to provoke since the ouster and assassination of Libya’s Qaddafi in late 2011.  The war drive is driven by their bankruptcy and their imminent loss of power.  The crucial question is whether the world, starting in the trans-Atlantic region, is going to plunge into chaos, or whether an orderly end to the British System, through a revival of the Hamiltonian principles, starting in the United States, can occur in time.

The U.S. Congress is dysfunctional, as evidenced by the fact that there has been no U.S. Congressional action against Obama’s Drone Kill policy, even weeks after the release of the “Drone Papers” by The Intercept (the German Bundestag has already held hearings with U.S. former drone pilot whistleblowers).  Congress is thoroughly corrupted, particularly the Republicans, with very few exceptions.  The very existence of Wall Street assures the perpetuation of this corruption.  Wipe out Wall Street, which is already hopelessly bankrupt, and Congress can be restored to its Constitutional mandate.  Wipe out Wall Street and Obama is out.

In Europe, German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble is the key figure promoting the genocidal austerity measures, known in Germany as “black zero.”  Sunday’s second leading German tabloid, Welt am Sonntag, published an open call for German Chancellor Angela Merkel to be dumped for her soft-on-refugee policies and replaced by Schäuble.  If Europe is to survive, Schäuble, like Obama, must be ousted immediately.

The United States economy, after 15 years of British-owned Presidents, is itself in a state of physical economic breakdown. The collapse of the U.S. productive economy is accelerating tremendously, as evidenced by recent reports on growing poverty, and ten consecutive months of decline in industrial output. Vital sectors like housing, construction, transportation and machine tools, are declining at an accelerated rate.  This is Obama’s responsibility.  He destroyed the U.S. economy deliberately, on behalf of Wall Street and London—and with the complicity of most of Congress.  Congress should be put on notice:  Until you dump Obama and shut down Wall Street, you can’t be paid.  You don’t deserve to be paid.  Find some productive outside work, or, better yet, do your job by ousting Obama and putting Wall Street out of its misery, through  Glass-Steagall and a revival of Hamiltonian credit, for a revival of the productive powers of labor, through infrastructure investment, and through science-driver programs

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