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21 décembre 2015


On the quite night of the 17th September 2015, a distraught Jack Nziza told his criminal boss Paul Kagame that, “you would rather retire me than being sent to China for a military course. I am totally not up for it; my mind is totally not ready to embark on grilling education challenges.” Dramatic hot melee is engulfing within Rwanda’s security services. Communication between death merchant Jack Nziza and criminal Paul Kagame is at the lowest. The tag of war between death merchant Jack Nziza and criminal Paul Kagame is an interesting phenomenon. Death merchant Jack Nziza is the most detested individual within the RDF and other security organs in Rwanda, this development has left many RDF personnel celebrating quietly within their bedrooms.

Gen Jack Nziza

To pour salt to Jack Nziza’s wound, criminal Paul Kagame has brought back Emmanuel Ndahiro to the limelight.  Now, Emmanuel Ndahiro is back in the inner circle, this has been a big hit to both Jack Nziza and Jeannette Kagame, as they both detest Emmuel Ndahiro to their cores.  This was followed with the removal of Jack Nziza’s trusted lieutenants from influential positions, such as Lt. Col. Franco Rutagengwa and Damali Muzungu, head of DMI and Air force respectively. In the last few weeks, to pour Chili pepper in Jack Nziza’s prostate cancer, Emmanuel Ndahiro was promoted to the rank of a brigadier general making him a one star general.  

Dr Emmanuel Ndahiro is now a brigadier general

The old behaviours are back within Rwanda’s intelligence and military services, both Emmnuel Ndahiro and Jack Nziza are in fight for criminal Paul Kagame’s ear. The old habits of trying to outplay and outmanoeuvre each other, like any dictator, Kagame loves seeing individuals especially his blue eyed boys, reporting and backbiting each other, and him being the arbitrator.

As a seasonal observer of the Rwandan politics, these are interesting times, I can proudly say that our struggle is arriving at a final stage. In production management it’s called the push stage. The push for the final product, in this case, the fall of narcissist Kagame – Abega Kingdom is merely around the corner; the security services and personnel are at war with each other, due to mistrust, backbiting, inter hatred, low morale, fear and the rise of different cliques within the army. It’s a matter of time before these different cliques start shooting each other.

The silent war taking place within the RDF will be a topic of another day; however, as promised in my previous article, this article will be focusing on Kale Kayihura, a criminal who has allowed, facilitated, supported and organised criminal Paul Kagame’s intelligence network in Uganda. He is the number one paid intelligence mole within the Ugandan government, constantly feeding inside information to the Rwandan state.

Gen Kale Kayihura, the cousin of Jack Nziza and chief of Ugandan Police

Flash back

General Kale Kayihura is the Inspector general of Uganda’s police, known in Uganda as general tear gas. He is a shrewd, brutal, corrupt and deceitful individual. His rise within the ranks of NRA now UPDF, has been smeared with blood, intrigue, deception, betrayals and lies. Like his cousin Gen. Jack Nziza, General Kale Kayihura is also obsessed with power and money. He is able and willing to do any sort of crime for the purpose of those obsessions.

These criminal cousins, General Kale Kayihura and General Jack Nziza come from a prominent family in Kisoro – Bufumbira regions, their fathers were brothers. Therefore, they are paternal cousins. They are 100% Ugandans, as their families did not migrate or flee to Uganda after the 1959 uprising. Their ancestral home has always been in Bufumbira, nor did his grandparents migrate to Rwanda to work for the Kingdom of Rwanda. From the 16th Century, a number of Ugandan craftsmen and artisans were sent to Rwanda by different Ugandan kings as gifts to the kingdom of Rwanda and kings; non from the Karekezi or Nkurunziza families were among these expertises sent to Rwanda. Neither on maternal nor on the paternal side, both Generals Kale Kayihura and Jack Nziza (real name, Jackson Nkurunziza) have no single claim to Rwanda. They are 100% Bafumbira from Gasiza perish in Uganda.

Gen. Kale Kayihura’s father, John Kalekezi, in the 1950s, was a prominent pro-independent activist in Uganda’s independence struggles.  The young Kalekezi, who was also an uncle to Jack Nziza spend his entire life spreading zealous anti-colonial sentiments, human rights activism, equal opportunities for all and exhibiting strong pan africanism, which were all inclined towards blunt liberties and anti-colonialism.  Unlike his son Kale Kayihura and nephew Jack Nziza, John Kalekezi believed in democracy, freedom and liberty. As a peace loving Ugandan, in the late 50s, he delivered a presentation in Stockholm entitled, “Colonialism is Incompatible with peace.”

Because of his anti-establishment views and firebrand talk, John Kalekezi was persecuted by the colonial administration up to his death. Even in his death in 1960, the persecution continued to haunt his good soul, as the Catholic Church under the instruction of the colonial administration refused to hold a funeral mass in his Bufumbira Parish; he was labelled a terrorist, a communist and anti Christ by the colonial administration in Uganda.  In his death, all his literary work was destroyed and banned. The persecution meted on the late John Kalekezi by the colonialist, is the same persecution his son and nephew are unleashing over, Ugandans and Rwandans respectively.

Kale Kayihura, Kagame’s spy kingpin in Uganda   

We all know how many Rwandans, from different walks of life who have disappeared, kidnapped or assassinated in Uganda by Rwanda’s external intelligence services. For opposition or political activist members, travelling to Uganda is like travelling to Rwanda. In one way or another, all sensitive administration points in Uganda are manned by elements that are answerable to Kigali, and Gen. Kale Kayihura has played a tremendous role in placing these individuals in those sensitive positions.

All atrocities committed by Paul Kagame’s intelligence services in Uganda against Rwandans, Kale Kayihura has always’ been in privy of them, from the kidnappings and disappearances of certain individuals from refugee camps, to the evil deeds on Aime Ntabana, Innocent Kaliisa, Joel Mutabazi, Pascal Manirakiza, Patrick Rukundo, Ndayambaje Aminadab, Maj Emmanuel Munyaruguru....etc as the list is endless. Of recently, we have been witnessing a new security trend, where Rwandans are being kidnapped from Kenya by DMI operatives, transported through Uganda up to Rwanda’s DMI torture chambers.  Kale Kayihura is the overall kingpin in all aspects of using Uganda as Kagame’s intelligence pad.

LT Joel Mutabazi kidnapped from uganda, here and his co-accused in the military court

Kampala has become DMI’s centre for external operations. DMI is always using Ugandan telecommunication network in their external operations, this is done to avoid traceability. In great numbers, Rwanda’s external intelligence service operatives use Ugandan passports while conducting their criminal endeavours. All these facilitations are done and conducted under the watchful eye of Gen Kale Kayihura.

Over the years, Gen. Kale Kayihura has been able to place Kagamist moles at Entebbe airport, border entries, specific police stations like Kampala central police on Buganda Road, immigration department in the internal affairs ministry, where decisions are made in Uganda!! Kagame’s boys are right at the centre. During his tenure as a military assistant to president Museveni, Kale Kayihura was able to penetrate a great number of intelligence moles in state house.

However, in the Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI), Kayihura met stiff resistance from Gen. James Mugira.  All those recommended by Kale Kayihura in the CMI recruitment processes were totally failed. Prior to James Mugira’s appointment, for those recommended by Kale Kayihura to join CMI, where uprooted and relocated to less sensitive positions; others returned and deployed within other units of the  army. General James Mugira, did a pretty great job in Ugandanising CMI, this status-quo has continued under Gen. Charles Bakahumura.

Entebbe airport, an extension of Kanombe airport

All the individuals who oppose or being suspected of opposing criminal Paul Kagame’s brutal regime, their identification details are placed at Kanombe airport’s security database. In 2013, Rwanda’s intelligence services bought new identification scanners where a suspect’s details and photo are turned in to a 3D imaging.  The names of Rwanda’s political dissidents which appear at Kanombe airport security system also appear at Entebbe airport’s security system. To include Rwanda’s political dissidents into the security systems at Entebbe airport, it is done through the directorate of ICT in the Uganda Police, which is headed by Amos Ngabirano, who is also a nephew to both Kale Kayihura and Jack Nziza.

Amos Ngabirano, a former mobile phone – TV vender in Kampala and a pensioners’ caretaker in Europe, was shipped by his uncle from Europe, through nepotism, to head the ICT police department in Uganda. He is an individual who has no single clue, expertise or experience in ICT. Never the less, he was appointed as the head of ICT directorate in the Ugandan police.  Not only he has helped his uncle Kale Kayihura in swindling funds from Police’s multi-million dollar chopper and internet surveillance equipment deals; he has also helped his other uncle in Kigali in registering details of Rwanda’s dissidents at Entebbe airport security system and other police checkpoints like border crossings.

Recruitment of army personnel and the riches of the prodigal cousins

Rwanda’s embassy in Uganda, as well as Kale Kayihura, have always played a big role in recruiting youths for Rwanda’s army. Youths from Kisoro have been referred by Kale Kayihura for military cadet recruitments in Rwanda. While Rwandan youth find it difficult to get an officer cadet course in their own country, Children of Tutsi elites in Kisoro are being recruited in high numbers with an option to either join police officer cadet course in Uganda or army officer cadet course in Rwanda.

There are ugandans boys within RDF

Through their rise to power, the two cousins have accumulated enormous wealth not through hard work, but through high level corruption, plundering and distortions. In the late 90s and early 2000s, the two cousins made enormous wealth from the Congolese minerals and Timber.  In the late 90s and early 2000s, Kale Kayihura was Uganda’s sector commander in Ituri region of Congo, an opportunity he used well to plunder the Country. While his cousin, Jack Nziza, from the late 1990’s up to now, he is still criminal Paul Kagame’s head of business interests in the Congo, an opportunity which he has used very well to acquire enormous wealth.

In Rwanda, Jack Nziza is the overall controller of RPF’s wealth reporting only to Paul Kagame. Rwanda’s merchant of death has consistently used threats, as a means to force the business community, Church groups and any other Rwandans into contributing in the RPF coffers. Those who have opted otherwise have either fled the country or being assassinated, and their wealth confiscated by the RPF; a recent case, being that of Assinapol Rwigara. These cousins now own properties in Rwanda, Uganda, United Arab Emirates and South Africa through their Cousin Amos Nzeyi.

Amos Nzeyi, ugandan businessman, also the cousin to Jack Nziza and Kale Kayihura.

They have used their Cousin Amos Nzeyi in fronting, investing and laundering their ill-gotten wealth. The constant visit of Amos Nzeyi to Rwanda, in particular to Jack Nziza, is an open secret. Different sources within Rwanda’s military circle have told IKAZE IWACU that Amos Nzeyi is not only a cousin to Jack Nziza, but also a business partner.


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