Meddling In Sierra Leone

Charles Taylor is old news now, he is quietly going mouldy in a dark, damp British prison accused of crimes against humanity, supporting the RUF, meddling in the affairs of another country.

Meddling in the affairs of another country…Well, I never …

It`s a good job the RUF were a bunch of bastards because we might actually like Mr Taylor if the RUF had been alright.

It`s ok now, though in Sierra Leone, apart from Ebola, isn`t it ? It`s ok now since the good guys are in power again and the evil RUF leadership down to the last man, all dead. I mean things got prosperous after the RUF were killed off, prosperous for all and not just the usual for Africa, prosperous 5% (oh and Tony Blair)Don`t they have good infrastructure now, schools and hospitals? I mean Sierra Leone is positively dripping in diamonds and has something like the world`s 3rd largest deposit of iron ore.

One thing`s always stuck in my mind about the RUF. They were supported by Muammar Gadhafi. I went along with all that Western brainwashing about him until I got a copy of a book written by him. For an evil dictator and supporter of terrorism that man had some astonishing ideas about a thing called real democracy. Seems to me the Western media did a full wrap around on the truth there.

So if all is well in Sierra Leone prior to recent Ebola, why the need for Ebola? It`s odd isn`t it, Ebola (I know it’s a West African disease but still) in all those countries like Sierra Leone, Liberia, Gabon, Guinea.

The `Guineas` are the Kuwaits of Africa maybe that makes Ebola… Operation Jungle Storm.

Good luck to you Mr Taylor and I hope you get out and if I could pre-order a copy of the book you have written, I would.

Nearly forgot `Blood Diamonds`, Hollywood brainbuster with Leonardo and a fairy-tale Kimberly Process ending. The blood was Sierra Leonean, the diamonds weren`t Charles Taylor`s, all diamonds belong to an Anglo Saxon banking cartel, financiers of an empire.

I think we must award the combined Western world`s intelligence agencies, the no.1 prize for the civil war in Sierra Leone, `Best Psy-op Ever`.

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