MASS EXODUS FROM AFRICA record high level

According to UNHCR, record breaking numbers of people are risking their lives travelling by boat , to leave Africa in search of a future in non-African states.

Due to the informal/black-market nature of the immigrants journeys,precise figure are not possible but UNHCR report an all time high for 2014 of 348 000 people.

More than 270 000 immigrants have crossed the Mediterranean since January 2014. 3419 people this year drowned making this crossing.

82 680 people have crossed the Gulf of Aden and Red Sea from Ethiopia, Somalia and Eritrea seeking sanctuary or a future in the Arabian states.


It is time now for the Lion to wake.It is time for Africa to be Home,where Home is not war,  poverty, hurt and indignity.

And it is time for this to stop :


It is no matter that the holiday makers on this beach in the Canary Islands are white because they could just as easily be Arab, Indian or wealthy Africans. And there are always those who remember their humanity.


These photos are from 2006. We don`t know what became of these people whose boat washed up on European shores but we wish them well and they are not forgotten people because we will not forget them.

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