Marketing Democracy in the Congo

Marketing Democracy in the Congo


a series of articles discussing :

misleading concepts – 3rd terms, false participatory democracy, manipulating the youth and the new revolutionaries , real politics in government and opposition, who controls the DRC,  solutions for the future

General  Elections or Illusions ?

The general elections for the Congo are due to be held in November this year.However the government has yet to set the date and it is looking increasingly like the elections will not take place.This will leave the incumbent president Joseph Kabila in a third term of office which according to the Congo`s constitution is unconstitutional.

This is causing uproar within the country – a violation of democracy. Therefore the issue of democracy becomes whether or not a presidency runs into a third term in office.

If the opposition succeed and force the government to hold elections and Kabila is replaced then it will be seen as a success for democracy. The Congo will be democratic!

That will give the nation a little time of euphoria and hope that will last for less than one year. By which time they will realize that nothing has greatly changed or is likely to under the new democratically elected president. Five years under the new president will pass and the same process will start all over again with a new opposition calling for change and democracy.

This politic is not unique to the Congo – it is world-wide. We are faced with a bi-polar system of government which is behind the scenes uni-polar. In America there are 2 main parties – the Republicans and the Democrats. In Britain there are 2 main parties the Conservative Tories and Labour. Every few years the parties switch and people are given hope for a short time that the economy will change, that taxes will be reduced and that the nation`s well being will be improved. It never does. Small successes are over-shadowed by tax increases, by unemployment increasing and the cost of living rising. NOTHING EVER CHANGES under either government.

Why? Who Controls the DRC ?

Government has become a theatre, it has become a play to give people the illusion of choice, the illusion of democracy. A shadow government controls all political parties.

The concept of democratic government was given to us by the ancient Greeks. Last year Greece held a referendum over whether or not to accept the IMF bail-out loans. The overwhelming majority voted NO. The Greeks said NO to yet more debt and more austerity measures. Less than a few weeks later their traitor of a president had accepted the new EU/IMF loans and introduced more austerity programs. Now today in Greece people live on the streets, children are under- fed, the pensioners cannot afford to eat and pay their bills and the suicide rate has gone up in an epidemic of despair. Even the very soil of Greece is being privatized by foreign billionaires buying entire islands. That is not democracy at work, it is the opposite of the will of the people.

This happened because the EU would not allow Greece to default on the national debt owed to the European Central Bank. The national debt was accrued not by the Greek people, but by a corrupt  Greek elite.

The European Central Bank is owned by the same group of people who own the Central Bank of the Congo.

They also own the Bank of England and the Central Bank of America that is called the Federal Reserve. They also own the Reserve Bank of South Africa,  the Central Banks of South Sudan, Burkina Faso, Namibia, Botswana, Benin, Algeria,Burundi, Cote D`Ivoire, Cameroon, Chad, Central African Republic, Ghana, Gabon, Kenya and yes every single country in Africa. No government in Africa has the right to issue its own currency. The currency is dictated by a private group of foreign nationals.

This group that own the central banking system are a small number of very old families and bloodlines that have been controlling and manipulating the politics of our world for at least the last three hundred years. One prominent family within this structure of global power is the Rothschild Dynasty. The Rothschilds control both Britain and France.

Give me control over a nations currency, and I care not who makes its laws”  said by  Baron M.A. Rothschild

They also control the DRC via their operations based in South Africa – the Oppenheimer family and Anglo-American; and they will have a hand in everything that happens in the Congo. Whoever becomes president will be allowed in because this group of bankers agree to it. The next president, like the present president is NOT there to represent the will of the Congolese nation. He is there to represent the interests of corporations. Those corporations are part of a network all owned ultimately by the same mega corporations who are all owned by the same group of people who own the central banks and who issue money.

The president will represent the interests of those corporations because those corporations pay for his election campaign and those corporations will pay the newspapers and television to back a presidency or to bring it down. The media is also owned by the same group of people who own the corporations and who own the central banks. And that is why the media always lies.

Rupert Murdoch is the most powerful media mogul. He has the ability to destroy the reputation of anyone through his global media network. Through him public opinions and choices are formed on lies and propoganda that support whatever the bankers want supported.

Muammar Gadhafi of Libya was sodomized and tortued to death. The country of Libya has been taken from a highly successful economy and prosperous nation and turned into a ruined state. Gadhafi was making plans to exit all African nations from this central banking system. Libya under Gadhafi,  was one of the very few countries in the world that did not owe money to the IMF and World Bank. Gadhafi was proposing to African leaders to create a new African economy not based on the central banking system but based on gold.

Is the central banking system based on gold?

The Federal Reserve of America and the Bank of England used to only issue money that was based on the amount of gold held in the state reserves. Money under this system had REAL value. Today banks issue money that is not based on gold or on any physical asset. Banks print money our of thin air, it is called quantitative easing (QE). At present and since the 1970`s African countries have been paying debts owed to the World Bank ( owned by this same group of bankers).The loans that were granted from the World Bank through the IMF were not real money. However the debt that is being re-paid is real money. We create the money through our debt, hand it over plus interest to a group of bankers who issued worthless loans.

The economic term for the central banking system is FRACTIONAL RESERVE LENDING.

It is a con that will only ever benefit the elite of this world and that is why in the year 2016 in supposedly modern and progressive times; 85% of the world`s population own absolutely nothing.

Congo`s Opposition Candidates

Today in the DRC, opposition leaders call for the removal of Kabila. Moise Katumbi has even been imprisoned by Kabila. And yet these two are old friends. Opposition plays a game of being opposed.All of the opposition, Etienne Tshisekedi included,  are a syndicate. They are a conglomerate who conspire betwwen themselves as to who will get in power and what will be promised to those who do not win the presidency. Tshisekedi for instance,  will get a seat in Katumbi`s cabinet and that way all the opposition supporters will be satisfied that their interests are being represented.

These men are opportunists, they are (with the exception of Tshisekedi) all in it for the money and power. Not one of them speaks about the real issues of the Congo. Not one of them talks about nationalizing Congo`s resources not just in fake government partnerships but complete nationalization so that every resource is used to develop Congo for her people. Not one of these men talk about the outrageous, criminal conduct of the corporations that are present in DRC and not one of them calls out Kabila by his real Rwandan name – Hippolyte Kanambe. Whatever a candidate says is of no matter because the plan for the DRC is to be cut into regions/balkanized, given to neighbouring Rwanda and for every available resource and service to be privatized.

Exiled from the Congo, Honore Ngbanda of APARECO speaks about all of those things. He calls Congo an occupied state, occupied under a foreign government of Kagame and Museveni who operate for the benefit of their masters in turn – the mining corporations and financial interests of Canada, Britain, Australia and the USA.

All those countries have one thing in common, they are all ( except America)members of the British Commonwealth. That club belongs to the same group of bankers who own the central banks. The hub of the Commonwealth is a sovereign square mile of land in the middle of London. That piece of land does not belong to Britain, it rules Britain. It does not abide by British law. It does not pay tax to Britain but pays into off-shore accounts. That piece of land is called the City of London and it is the financial capital of a highly criminal syndicate of corrupt and evil people.

The United Nations

Anyone in Eastern Congo will wonder how it is that the largest peace keeping mission that has ever taken place has been located in the middle of a genocide zone. They will ask themselves how can it be that the UN has so completely failed them. They are not alone in thinking that. Rwandans, Hutus and Tutsis,  ask that question. In Cote D`Ivoire and the Central African Republic very serious allegations have been made about the blue helmets.

Why did the UN come to the assistance of France in Mali? What are they doing in Somalia and South Sudan?

The Security Council makes the decisions on peace keeping matters. There are 5 permanent members of the Security Council. Three of those countries  form NATO ( North Atlantic Treaty Organization). It is NATO that bombed Libya to hell and it is NATO that is at war against Syria. France, Britain and the United States have the voting power of the Security Council. Within the United Nations the largest voting bloc is comprised of the Commonwealth countries and that is how the City of London bankers manipulate the United Nations.

Manipulating us

40% of the Congolese nation are children between the ages of 1 and 14. If you wanted to control a country that is the size of western Europe and richer in resources than the rest of the world you do not have to be that clever before you realize that controlling the youth is key to controlling the future of the country.

to be continued

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