Marketing Democracy in Congo and South Africa

Marketing Democracy in Congo and South Africa


Second part of a series discussing :

The Coming African Spring

Participatory democracy

Civil Society and other NGOs

The Real Revolution


Give me control over a nations currency, and I care not who makes its laws”  said by  Baron M.A. Rothschild

The Coming African Spring

It is easy to write about other people`s dreams in front of a computer in a home that has running water and electricity where there is always a meal to eat and a knock at the door is only ever a friend calling by. Being a patient revolutionary in those surroundings is easy.

But life does not provide that for the majority of Africa`s youth. Africa`s youth are out of patience, they are tired of exclusion, corrupt officials, lying politicians, failing economies and the lack of the basic necessities of a dignified life –a place to call home with reliable services of water and electricity.

There is spontaneous civil unrest breaking out across Africa, a deafening cry for change, a demand for human dignity, an end to hideous old systems run by liars and thieves. No more broken promises, no more empty years. No more dead ends, no more defeats, no more of being nothing in your own land, of owning nothing and being nothing and counting for nothing in the eyes of your government.

Youth doesn`t know patience because Youth thinks life is brief and Youth has not lived long enough to understand that the more things change the more they stay the same.


But if Youth were old enough to know that history repeats itself until we understand the pattern, then they would know that everything they are feeling and everything they are doing has all been experienced before and done before by their parents and grandparents and great parents.

If Youth thinks that the fervor they feel is greater now than ever it was and that it is them who will affect the great change,  then they need to imagine what it was like to see Nelson Mandela walk out of prison. And thirty  years before then to hear Patrice Lumumba make his first speech as president of the Democratic Republic of Congo . Then in those moments of time – THE WORLD HAD CHANGED and anything was possible. Those beautiful moments in history when good really did triumph over evil when wrongs were made right when good men were given a chance to lead.

And now? Since then ? Where did that change go? Where did all those dreams and aspirations and love and sacrifice go? WHERE DID THOSE REVOLUTIONS GO?

For millions in South Africa home is a shack with no water or electric, murder is committed among them by the authorities and children go sick and hungry. In Congo, Patrice Lumumba would have ripped his own heart out had he known that thirty years later millions of his people would be murdered on a scale not seen since the end of the last World War.

And yet Youth want to change Africa with a thing called democracy.

This thing is poisonous. It has become the most toxic concept you will ever touch. It will be traitorous to you and deceive you in the sweetest and briefest way. It is an innocent looking thing that is rotten and full of maggots.

And it is being sold to you by the masters of marketing. It is being sold to you by people who are so cunning that they can make a piece of crap look like a jewel.

Tools of Propaganda and social engineering

Regime change in Africa has up until the last decade, been conducted by military coups. That method of warfare and foreign intervention no longer works because people are tired of violence and the techniques employed by foreign governments have been widely exposed.

The new warfare for regime change is psychological and involves movements and social networks to undermine the authority of the state.

Today`s revolutionaries don`t have AK47s. They have cell phones and social media. And like the revolutionaries before them they believe that they can change their country for the better. The ideology that they are armed with is the same. They used to call it liberation. Now they call it democracy. But it is a special new brand of democracy – Participatory Democracy.

For the Arab Spring people demanded democracy, democracy from autocrats and dictators. For them in Libya, Muammar Gadaffi symbolized dictatorship. Those Libyans who called for his removal and replacement with democracy were a small number by percentage of the population but the Western media presented their voices as those of the majority. By lies and propaganda the NATO countries of Britain, France and America convinced their respective parliaments to topple an `evil dictator and bring democracy to the people of Libya`. They are doing exactly the same in Syria against another decent leader, President Assad, who was genuinely democratically voted into power by over 80% of Syrians. Syria `s so-called civil war is a repeat of Libya which was a repeat of Iraq. The NATO powers of Britain, France and America are lying.

Today,  Libya`s destruction and the assassination of Gadhafi stand as a turning point in our history when the world became utterly evil. Not only have generations of Libyans lost a future but so have generations of Africans. Gadhafi’s crime was to attempt to bring real and genuine ECONOMIC DEMOCRACY to the entire African continent. The destruction of Libya was the sole purpose of the CIA backed Arab Spring.

Participatory Democracy is the new lie.

This concept is the pre-cursor to a re-vamped form of communism – communitarianism. Its foundation is People Power /Power to the People. It is the  marketing of a lie- that the masses will be allowed to rule. Now the masses are being told that they can participate in government and that will mean democracy meanwhile the political framework that is always in power stays unseen and untouched.

It like communism in the past, is being directed at the younger generation typically between the ages of 16 – 30. This is the age when human beings are becoming young adults and feel the need to assert their authority. In Africa the concept is being promoted by Civil Society groups.

Communism is a control structure and in our strange world where we have been mentally trained to only see left or right, socialist or capitalist, good or bad, right or wrong ; communism is presented as the antidote to capitalism. Communism is the next logical step after socialism. They are both systems of controlling the masses and both systems of keeping wealth and power in the grip of a hidden elite.The shadow government of the `democratic` Western world is not concerned with the welfare and democratic rights of the masses.On the contrary, their primary aim is to reduce the world`s population.

The people who think up political control structures are never concerned with the present. Unlike us they make plans for 50-100 years in the future. That gives them time to manipulate history and to create education systems that will mislead and lie to the next generation. They will capitalize on all our sorrows and misfortunes that they in fact will have created. For example : prior to ID cards in many countries like Sierra Leone, Cote D`Ivoire and Rwanda citizens` ethnicity was largely irrelevant within society. Then governments were told by the UN that they must protect the rights of minorities. For this to be done citizens had to display their ethnicity as identification. When foreign backed so-called civil wars broke out people were very easily targeted by those who had had their minds poisoned. In the future this will become a useful tool for the homogenization of nations under a One World Government. Already in South Africa the key words are  Diversity and Tolerance. The education system now promotes propaganda about South Africa`s past. The Rainbow Nation is not congratulated on an incredibly peaceful transition to democracy, instead hatred is being stirred against the `White oppressors` and a new form of apartheid has long since been emerging. Divide and Conquer is a very old tactic to deflect attention from the real enemy who are now promoting `Diversity` as a solution. To the power structure of our world this will only be used as a tool to remove national pride and manipulate governments with minority rights.

Politics in Congo may increasingly concern itself with the activities of the mega corporations that have been funding rebels, stealing the nation`s wealth and manipulating government. Over time capitalism will begin to equate with this kind of corporatism. And in the future the Congo may well become a communist system by the will of the people. They will be indoctrinated into believing that it was a capitalist system that allowed corporations to steal their wealth. Their pride in being Congolese will be eroded in the name of diversity and tolerance. Lies and propaganda will be told to the youth about the past.

Non governmental organizations (NGOs) and the `new` democracy

Marketing` Democracy ` as a human right is the new way that the City of London elite of the central banking system bring about what are called Colour Revolutions in order to get regime change and install a puppet government. NGOs are used to `colour` people`s thinking ( with misleading concepts), they are the source of funding for social justice movements and social media networks that organize protests against incumbent governments when those governments step out of line.

The social justice movements that are drawn to the ideas of justice, peace and the most beautiful of all concepts – human dignity; are full of the finest of young people. These are magnificient people who dream about creating a different world, a world where people don`t live in poverty or fear or hopelessness. What makes these young people so amazing is that unlike many in the world – THEY CARE ABOUT EACH OTHER.

It is therefore all the more disgusting that they are or will be used without a shadow of a doubt for the purposes of political systems that are oppressive, manipulative and anti-human.

Many of today`s revolutionaries in South Africa either support the Democratic Alliance (DA) or the Economic Freedom Fighters ( EFF). Their parents and grandparents sacrificed decades and thousands of lives to bring the ANC to power and to give social justice life in South Africa. The ANC has become provably corrupt. It fails millions of its citizens both Black and White. Many in government have empowered their cronies, built themselves palaces and lied.But those are the irrelvant details and traits of people who are simply corrupt and greedy.

The question for today`s revolutionaries should be not `who replaces the ANC` but WHERE DID IT GO WRONG?

Little do they understand that the DA and the EFF are manipulated by the same group of people and that that group is also responsible for the failure of the ANC. Most of the most decent members and leaders of the ANC were already assassinated by 1994 and those that formed the ANC government under Mandela experienced very steep learning curves as to how government works within a framework of foreign political leverage. Mbeki probably took it in good faith to liberalize South Africa`s economy . He didn`t know that this would create a new economic apartheid that would benefit global corporations whilst destroying the country`s very strong domestic economy that was a positive legacy of the National Party. When Thabo Mbeki researched for himself, the health effects of AIDS drugs and became what would be called an AIDS DENIALIST, he encountered the (alleged) assassination of his leading medical advisor Dr Sam Mhlongo and the power and political leverage of the pharmaceutical corporations over the South African government. He gave in but his political career was finished. Now nearly 20 years later there is a pharmaceutical holocaust on the health and fertility of the nation. But they demanded it – they demanded free AZT because the pharmaceutical corporations had backed a campaign group called Treatment Action Campaign and used it as their MARKETING AGENT. Prof Mhlongo stated that AZT was in his opinion a highly toxic drug and that there were multiple reasons for the epidemic of sickness in South Africa but that the main cause was poverty-related malnutrition.

The quasi science of AIDS/HIV is connected to the Rockefeller Foundation. The Rockefeller Foundation is deeply connected to the giant pharmaceutical corporations and have been funding ( bribing and misleading) medical research and medical training and teaching for the best part of a century. The Rockefeller Dynasty is the most powerful family in America. Their wealth is from oil,  Standard Oil . The Rockefeller Foundation which is exempt from tax, began funding medical research in the American Universities after the Second World War.They developed a new field of quasi science which today we know as genetics which is based on illogical reductionist science. Genetics is a term that replaced the name Eugenics.The Rockefellers prior to the Second World War funded research into the study of Eugenics (depopulation of unwanted ethnic groups). They funded the Eugenics research conducted by the Nazis in Germany. Now these same people have given you  your AIDS/HIV medication. Do you really think it is because they care about your health or because they can make money and depopulate your unwanted ethnic group?

The Rockefellers of Chase Manhattan Bank are connected to the City of London elite through its counterpart in the USA – Wall Street.

Manipulating Governments

Until South Africa`s revolutionaries take it upon themselves to understand that all political parties are run by a shadow government, only names will change. The EFF of Julius Malema use a clever tactic. Malema has been indoctrinated into the politics of blame and hatred. He speaks about imperialism by which he means European/White imperialism. Members of his party have campaigned for RhodesMustFall. The fact that a prominent RhodesMustFall campaign leader, Sizwe Mpofu-Walsh  is the son of a multi-millionaire EFF leader is not the question. The question is that during all those protests, the destruction of historical monuments and the trashing of schools and universities, not one question was asked of Rhodes and his connection to the Reserve Bank of South Africa and in particular the one name who connects all the dots – Rothschild. Rhodes was one of the wealthiest men in the world by the time he died. He left the majority of his fortune to the Rothschilds who by that time were already so powerful that they controlled the Bank of England.A few years later in 1913 the Rothschilds , Rockefellers and other powerful families would form the Federal Reserve of America.  The  Federal Reserve is to this day, a privately owned bank which exerts complete power over American foreign and domestic policy.

Why Regime Change from the ANC

The ANC government under the presidency of Jacob Zuma joined South Africa to the BRICS alliance.For any international government to do this requires a vision for the future, an understanding of a higher level of geo-politics and above all a desire to implement CHANGE for the better. The BRICS alliance is a turning point in history. It is the recognition that the power structure of the Trans-Atlantic alliance of America, Britain and their cuckoo state of Israel; is toxic to the rest of the world. This Trans Atlantic Alliance is the marriage between Wall Street and the City of London with the criminal economic system based on debt and fractional reserve lending.

Real revolutionaries should applaud Zuma for his role in advancing the cause for change in Africa even though for many it is difficult to grant this man anything.

The DA will destroy SA`s role in the BRICS and the EFF will destroy any credibility the ANC has left.A two pronged attack from the same force.


Civil Society and other NGOs

The idea of Participatory Democracy in South Africa is coming from universities, in particular the Centre for Civil Society at the University of Kwa-Zulu Natal led by a Professor Patrick Bond. Civil Society groups are NGOs that receive money from foundations, big banks, philanthropists like George Soros and foreign aid departments, all given in the name of promoting peace and democracy.Unless we look deeper organizations such as this appear as if they can only be benign, well meaning. When one listens to Mr Bond he always manages to say the right things. He talks about corporations plundering the resources of Africa, the environmental destruction and the needs and rights of the unprivileged. So where does the narrative of such people fall apart? Mr Bond is a socialist. He represents political systems of control and his purpose is to get the masses running from the arms of one political system of control into the arms of another. He is outspoken about his distrust of the BRICS alliance and that is a clue not only to his purpose but his understanding of geo-politics and of how the one and only true enemy of mankind is the central banking system and its control over the world`s economy. Mr Bond is probably a nice guy and does not understand himself how his education has brainwashed him. None the less he is a synthetic revolutionary.

The elite of the central banking system who conspire to control the world have their dirty hands in everything. The Rockefeller Foundation that has been corrupting the science of modern medicine for the best part of a century,  has also created a Frankenstein of food. After the Second World War,  Nelson Rockefeller funded the research of a scientist called Norman Borlaug to develop the world`s first genetically modified wheat. Along with this new toxic innovation in agriculture and through financing of the Harvard Business School, the Rockefeller Foundation promoted a new form of farming – Agri Business. This was the birth of factory farming, of the inhumane conditions that we now raise animals in, the ecological destruction of super-modern cereal farming, the growth hormones and antibiotics that are fed to animals and the highly toxic pesticides and herbicides that are sprayed on crops. By the 1950s a handful of US corporations had already monopolized the world`s food supply under names like Unilever, General Foods, Nestle and Kellogg. Central to this monopoly is Monsanto. Genetic modification of plants has proven to cause organ failure, cancerous tumors and reduced mental ability. In short, genetically modified food effects the body’s immune system and its ability to protect itself. Genetically modified food creates immune deficiency.

In 1997 the British government mandated research into the health effects of genetically modified food. Dr Arpad Pusztai, a Hungarian biochemist, conducted the research. He fed mice on a diet of GM potatoes and then observed the results on their offspring. To his horror he found all the offspring had significantly smaller internal organs including smaller brains. He held an emergency press conference but his findings were only covered by the media for 72 hours. The director of the intitute where he worked received a phone call from British Prime minister Tony Blair who instructed him to ” Shut this man up, he will ruin the future of the British bio-tech industry.” Dr Pusztai was immediately retired and his research was confiscated. Now do you think that GM crops will benefit people or the corporations like Monsanto and their shareholders?


Civil Society in the DRC

Civil Society groups in Congo are not only promoting Participatory Democracy, they are promoting the use of genetically modified food developed by Monsanto and the Rockefeller Foundation. The biggest name in Africa, famous for his humanitarianism is Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft. His foundation (tax exempt) commits billions every year to the health and food supply of Africa. Gates is not a humanitarian he is a eugenicist (believes in culling unwanted races) and his self-expressed primary aim is to reduce the world`s population. If that is his wish he should lead by example with himself and his own family. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation are active in Africa in three primary areas – HIV, GMO food and vaccines. Gates`s personal wealth is the equivalent of the 6 th richest country in the world. He is an intrical part of the elite who control the central banking system and his foundation is tied to the Rockefeller Foundation. He owns a large part of Monsanto.

The following is an excerpt from an article on New Eastern Outlook by F. William Engdahl:

The Swanby report documents how the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation works hand-in-glove with USAID by funding organizations such as the African Agriculture Technology Foundation whose aim is to promote introduction of GMO crops into Africa. Gates also works closely with the Rockefeller and Gates Foundations in their Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa, which pushes GMO crops as the wonder advance in biological science. If harvest failure, declining crop yields and mandatory use of highly toxic Roundup weed killer from Monsanto—which has been proven to kill cells in human embryos—can be called a biological wonder, we should perhaps see it through the eyes of eugenics advocates like Bill Gates and David Rockefeller who have dreamed of biochemical population reduction for decades.

In effect, we have the first African-American US President, through the US AID, in an alliance with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Monsanto to spread death and destruction of natural agriculture in Africa.

Their dark secret is that they are wittingly trying to kill off the darker-skinned peoples of the African Continent. It is an old agenda of “stupid white male” European colonialists, but one now being imposed with the sophistication of Madison Avenue PR and mumbo-jumbo about the wonder of biotech GMO.


Participatory Democracy is linked to another UN initiative – United Cities and Local governments. One of the declared goals of this program is Decentralisation and Local Self-Government. Decentralization in their eyes means taking away power from central government through the use of  participatory democracy.

It is subversion of the state and therefore subversion of the nation state and the very principle of democracy- national sovereignty where the people of a nation have a right to legislate their own laws.

Other areas that Civil Society are paid to promote are Agenda 21 and Climate Change. Agenda 21 and Climate Change are both UN initiatives that have been sold to us by the founders of The Population Council and are initiatives to reduce the world`s population and freedoms of the people lucky enough not to have been depopulated. Here we find the familiar names in sponsorship Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Ford Foundation,  Rockefeller Foundation and the names of the big banks – Deutche Bank, Citi, Wells Fargo, Goldman Sachs etc. Man-Made Climate Change and Sustainable development ( Agenda 21)are both cons that are based on a pile of lies and non-science. One basic lie upon which the elite, the oil barons, have built their wealth is the lie that oil is scarce and comes from the decay of dinosaurs. Our planet constantly produces oil and its supply is limitless. This is the same kind of lie that the Oppenheimers came up with to keep the diamond price high. Diamonds are not scarce. The ugliest lie we were ever sold is that there are too many people on the planet.

This propaganda was devised by the Rockefeller Foundation that created the Population Council. Henry Kissinger a puppet of the banking elite,  advised the US government in 1974 to adopt NSSM 200. This policy was to inflict upon the Third World countries drastic de-population campaigns in return for foreign aid because the banking elite of the City of London wanted all of Africa`s resources for themselves. It was of course all cloaked in kind and caring language. Family planning and vaccinations were the means by which this was done and is still done. Now do you think vaccines are for your health?

NSSM 200 has been very successful. Do you realize that in Gabon there are only 1.7 million people and have you any idea how much oil has been reaped from there by French oil corporations. There are only 4 million people in the vast country of the Central African Republic and Sierra Leone has another microscopic population of 6 million. The people of Equatorial Guinea are more endangered from extinction than many of the animals that the WWF seeks to `protect`. There are only 778 000 people in what is described as Africa`s Kuwait – oil laden Equatorial Guinea.

Manipulating us

40% of the Congolese nation are children between the ages of 1 and 14. If you wanted to control a country that is the size of Western Europe and richer in resources than the rest of the world you do not have to be that clever before you realize that controlling the youth is key to controlling the future of the country.

LUCHA in Goma, and Civil Society , Congo

USAID  has spent 3.7 million dollars investing in Congo`s Civil Society groups. According to USAID :

There is a strong need for continued engagement and participation of informed Congolese citizens. USAID is supporting civic education to provide citizens with accurate information on participation in democratic process and decentralization……..

A democratic political culture requires a vibrant civil society sector and an independent media. These groups ensure that citizens are well informed about the actions and performance of government

institutions and have the means to freely influence public policies. In 2011, only 14.5 percent of the world’s inhabitants lived in countries with a completely free press.

The USAID department is a soft power tool.It is not funding Civil Society to be benevolent but to bring about regime change. Regime change from Kabila will be for millions of Congolese the most thrilling news ever! But the candidate they want to bring in is just another puppet of Washington – Moise Katumbi. Civil Society WHY do you take money from USAID ? You take money from the administration of Hillary Clinton whose response to news of the death of Muammar Gadaffi was to laugh and say “ We came, we saw, he died”. Is that civil behaviour?

Human Rights Watch representative, Ida Sawyer, and  (alleged) CIA agent,Jason Stearns, were kicked out of Congo by Kabila`s government, (their visas were not re-newed).Real revolutionaries in Congo should applaud Kabila for this because it means they are wisening- up to Washington`s destabilization tactics.

Here is what this Pentagon propaganda outfit of Human Rights Watch say on Syria :

Violence in Syria has escalated amid an absence of meaningful efforts to end the war. The government and its allies carried out deliberate and indiscriminate attacks on civilians. Incommunicado detention and torture remain rampant. Armed groups opposing the government have attacked civilians, used child soldiers, kidnapped, and tortured.

These are the exact same lies they told about Iraq and Libya.


Lucha was first formed in Goma, the epicentre of hell in eastern Congo by a group of university students. This article cannot stress enough that these people are fine, caring and wonderful. They are a credit to the Congo nation and probably some of the most brilliant young minds. But they are as the new revolutionaries, BEING MANIPULATED. They are gaining huge ground among the youth of Congo. They campaign for democracy.

As the new revolutionaries they are armed with cell phones and social media. The City of London power structure has recognized the potential of  their movement and have provided them with an app.Whatsapp from the BBC is giving groups like this a platform on social media.

Young and Connected: BBC’s first Whatsapp series, 11 March 2016

“Young and Connected is BBC Africa’s first WhatsApp series, bringing the story of the rise of youth groups who are challenging their leaders who want to stay in power or who are not accountable.

This is happening in various African countries like Senegal, Burkina-Faso, Congo Brazzaville, and the Democratic Republic of Congo, where our reporter Maud Jullien spent some time with a group called Lucha, in the city of Goma, which has been badly hit by years of conflict.”

In the past the intelligence services of Britain and America would have provided potential revolutionaries with pick-up trucks and AK47s to wreak hovoc on the stability of their countries. Now they target people of a different disposition. Now they target the gentlest and kindest real humanitarians that your country has to offer. Lucha is part of a new tactic to destabilize the Congo, manipulate government and bring about regime change BUT they do not know that.

Gender Equality as a human right

Today`s revolutionaries are led to believe that a human right is gender equality and the equality of homosexuals, bi-sexuals and trans-genders. You are being taken down a fool`s path. The following is from an article which describes how this United Nations initiative is destroying the concept of a family in Congo :


by R.B. Kabambire

The Situation in Baraka/Fizi

In Baraka I had a good interview with a lady, Faida Regina, who has administrative oversight relating to women and children`s activities in Fizi territory. She is a civil official. I asked her how NGO’s such as, Save War Children, SOS and others are helping women and children victimized by war. She told me, according to her knowledge, it seems like NGO’s in Fizi and entire DRC are actually destroying core values of future leaders of Congo.

This can be seen in the way they teach children an attitude of self reliance, independence and non-submission to parents. This results in them becoming rebellious towards their parents. As a result of this many teenage girls as young as 14 are going to night clubs without needing permission from parents. Emboldened by the “new” teaching, they flaunt their new-found freedom by staying out until 11 pm. Young people show an unteachable attitude. They refuse to accept reprimands from parents, saying that they know their rights.

Ms. Regina told me a new teaching about “Droit de parite” (as enshrined in article 14 in the constitution) This means that women have equal rights to men. However, it remains unclear whether this equality applies to the work place or at home too. This kind of “new” teaching, as well as the values being taught to children, is contrary to long-held traditional cultural values.

Another illustration of this clash of values relates to a simple issue involving parents giving duties to children. According to the new teaching, children are not obligated to do duties asked of them by their parents. As in the previous example of teenagers, here too, children are learning to flaunt their independence. Consequently they refuse to comply with their parents requests.

A trend that has become evident in the last 10 years is teenage girls becoming pregnant. This spawns an increasing number of single parent homes and a tendency towards breaking down cohesion and unity among families.

I asked Ms Regina what she perceived could be a constructive response by government agencies to these problems. She replied, that they need help from people who know African traditional values to help and to give advice. Great caution should be exercised when introducing so called “western/modern” values to the life style of Africans. If this is not done wisely it will cause a breakdown of the family unit along with other negative side-effects.

She concluded by saying that good cultural values need to be maintained, including teaching children a healthy respect for and obedience to their parents.

the article from :

Destroying the family is exactly what these UN initiatives are designed to do. They have already done it in Western countries! In Holland it is now completely normal and accepted for this to happen : a woman decides she wants a baby and because she is a feminist, she finds a sperm donor instead of a husband and father for her child. She has the baby and when the baby is 3 months old the mother must go back to work so she puts the 3 month old baby into a day care centre for 5 days of the week. That woman is a complete fool to think she has her women’s rights, a complete fool to herself and her fatherless child cared for by strangers.

That system is a step towards human farming for tax money. Holland has just passed a new law that allows the development of human embryos in laboratories for research. If that process continues thanks to the destruction of our traditional values of the family – there will be no need even for mothers.

Real revolutionaries in Africa need to do the opposite of what civil societies promote. Instead of thinking locally they need to start thinking globally. There is tremendous opposition in and outside of the DRC to the Trans-Aqua Plan for Lake Chad through which the waters of the Congo River Basin will be harnessed to replenish Lake Chad. This feat of engineering has the potential to transform the entire continent which is exactly what the City of London elite have never allowed to happen in Africa.

If revolutionaries want to participate in democracy then they need to realize that nuclear energy is freedom from the City of London and the Rockefeller and Rothschild oil barons. That the ANC in building a second nuclear power plant ARE planning your freedom. In being a primary member of the BRICS alliance they ARE taking a step towards ECONOMIC DEMOCRACY just as Gadaffi tried to do. And that if Kabila or whatever name he goes by is signing up for the Trans Aqua Plan then support the industrialization of your continent. The very last thing the control structure wants you to do is to use your fine young and brilliant minds to understand for yourselves what AIDS/HIV really is, what GMO food will really do to your children and to begin unravelling the myriad of filthy lies that have been marketed to you. They waste your time in making you think that a human right is about your right to choose your sex. You are born male or female and it is nobody`s business but yours what sex the person is who you love. They are confusing the very young children in schools and they are wasting your precious time with distraction politics.

The real revolutionaries are the people of Burundi. This small nation have stood firm with their president and their military and they have so far succeeded in fighting off the most gargantuan and evil empire this world has ever lived under. They have refused to be destabilized and divided by propaganda and lies told by the Western media about so-called human rights abuses, genocides and so-called freedom of speech. They have resolutely refused to allow their country to be occupied by the so-called humanitarian peace keeping missions of the United Nations.

Conclusion and solution


Thomas Sankara of Burkina Faso

This man is your Che Guevara.

He is the most heroic of all your real revolutionaries because of his intelligence, his compassion and his bravery. He was better than any Che Guevara, he was the bravest revolutionary that the modern world has ever seen.He told you everything you ever needed to know in order to liberate your countries from the City of London and its debt based banking scam. The Organization of African Unity as the African Union was called in 1987, ignored the most revolutionary speech that has ever been given in our history. Sankara asked the members of the Addis Ababa OAU General Assembly to join him in rejecting the debt owed to the IMF and World Bank.  That was your chance for genuine freedom and democracy. The OAU ignored him and unless you the real revolutionaries start finding out who and how this world is run, they will do the same to the next Thomas Sankara.

These are Sankara`s words to you :

“Imperialism is a system of exploitation that occurs not only in the brutal form of those who come with guns to conquer territory. Imperialism often occurs in more subtle forms; a loan, food aid, blackmail. We are fighting a system that allows a handful of men on earth to rule all of humanity.”


Source : F William Engdahl – Seeds of Destruction – GMOs – available to listen to on YouTube

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