Where government and state institutions fail to deal with  xenophobic attacks in South Africa, the Congolese Solidarity Campaign and Abahlali baseMjondolo are leading the way, reminding us of our humanity towards our fellow man.

While members of President Zuma`s family and King Zwelethini preach anti-foreigner sentiments, S`bu Zikode and Raphael Kabambire of AbM and CSC call for unity, brotherhood, solidarity and compassion in what has got to be the Genesis of PanAfricanist revival and true liberation for Africa from  corporate greed- driven forces that have waged war and impoverished too many for too long across the continent of Africa.

These organizations are reaching across borders and uniting Africans from countries all around the continent with their message of peace and the dignity of humanity. Abahlali baseMjondolo have fought for the rights, their rights, of the poor for more than 10 years.In the words of the founder of Abahlali baseMjondolo (, S`bu Zikode :

“Our living politic starts by recognizing the full and equal humanity of every human being.”

Now AbM are joined by the CSC who represent, themselves, the impoverished community of refugees from war-torn and raped DR Congo, who despite Wednesday`s disrupted march against xenophobia, remain undeterred in their determination to rid South Africa of xenophobia by educating people as to why foreigners have come to South Africa from countries like Somalia, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Ethiopia  and the DR Congo.

Every week the CSC holds either an educational workshop or seminar and each week the number of participants grows. Last Saturdays seminar had representatives from 8 different African countries.

The irony of the stand that AbM and CSC are taking in defense of  peace and  dignity,  is that they are the people who  the political machines have stripped of everything, but in defiance of this,  it is they who do not forget their God-given sense of humanity and see a higher world for all from the diminished circumstances in which they live in shacks with no electric or water.

00302_mp4_000007000Kapele Mutachi, co-founder of the CSC lights the symbolic candle at the inauguration of the CSC, January 17, 2015.

Last Wednesday, 8 April, the CSC and AbM organized a march against xenophobia, after the death of a Congolese brother in Isipingo in a recent spate of violent assaults against foreigners. It has been reported in the press that the march turned violent.The actual unfolding of events were that the police turned violent.This was preceded by acts of intimidation towards the organizers of the march from eThekwini Municipality who attempted to dissuade the organizers from holding the event by saying they could not guarantee their safety. As it turns out the only hostility encountered was from the SAPS who used water cannons, tear gas and rubber bullets against the assembled and peaceful crowd. A strange reaction  towards a peaceful event designed to restore stability in Durban.The organizers then told people to go home and abandon the march. A South African Zulu national assaulted an Ethiopian man as he made his way home in an entirely unprovoked assault.As far as we know, no police action against the assailant has been taken.

Currently South Africa is being rocked by a wave of destabilization. What is being called xenophobia is plain crime on one level and foreign backed destabilization of society on another.The corporate/financial forces of the British Empire are attempting to bring about a `color revolution` in SA. The world has witnessed the `color revolution` in the Ukraine, propagandized by the media as a bid for so-called democracy from a populist uprising.The same technique is being used in South Africa to derail South Africa`s position in the BRICS Nations, BRICS being an alternative to British controlled World Bank and IMF policy.

As AbM have concluded there are larger forces at work in KwaZulu Natal with an agenda to spread chaos. AbM have long been targeted not only by eThekwini Municipality and its corrupt ANC councilors, the SAPS, State-sponsored criminal elements and if this were not enough AbM have been slandered and verbally targeted by the Durban University based Center for Civil Society.

Clipboard01 S`bu Zikode

Marikana was the last cause of social unrest in SA and the cause of  intense animosity towards the ANC government and in particular the SA police force.This criminal and utterly barbaric shooting of 34 miners may well have been a fore-planned event, a psy-op. Yet to be resolved are a number of alleged discrepancies about the events of the day. Miners taking cover below a kopje (a hilltop) were fired upon by an unseen sniper according to one story.Were the police given orders to shoot no matter the circumstances and if so who within the chain of command,  issued that order? Were key elements within the miners` group encouraged to arm themselves with firearms and use them and if so,  who was it suggesting the use of violence? Public opinion of the government and the South African police force has since then been on a downward trend leaving a key component in Marikana unaffected , Tiny Rowland`s and the British based legacy of corporate control – Lonmin.


Since Friday, 5 people in South Africa have been killed in the civil unrest, including a 14 year old boy.What is most disturbing are messages on social media warning of an organized assault on all foreigners.Names of districts are pinpointed including Isipingo and Kennedy Road, both districts close to Durban, capital of KwaZulu Natal. Similar on social media are messages of planned attacks in Johannesburg where further xenophobic attacks and protests have taken the situation to boiling point. Foreign owned shops have been trashed as tensions mount. The messages on social media claim that a Zulu element is behind the xenophobic wave.Strangely enough, the late 1980s is being given a re-run.When Apartheid in South Africa was nearing its fetid end, violence and hostility broke out based on Black ethnicity.This bizarre and contradictory era in South Africa`s history saw Zulus fighting Xhosas when South Africa was on the brink of reaching the end of the most obscene form of discrimination in what can only have been a systematic and engineered attempt to derail negotiations.In the late 80s a Zulu element was used to foment aggression under the auspices of the Inkatha Freedom Party.Are we looking at the same disruptive element?