In 2007 Artepharm, a Chinese company, successfully eradicated malaria on one of the islands of the Comoros.The treatment is based on Artemisia which is a plant also known as Wormwood and Mugwort.It has historically been used as an insect repellent.This Chinese company developed an unconventional treatment that targets the germ of the parasite that causes malaria.It is a purgative medicine and apparently works within 2 days.The issue however, is to eradicate the germ in the entire population so that mosquitoes cannot re-infect from one person to another.

World Health Organization so-called experts have denounced the drug and its success and have refused so far to certify the new drug.

Vice President and Health Minister of the Comoros,Fouad Mohadji remains unrepentant for allowing this breach of global health drug testing to have taken place as he is now Health Minister of a malaria-free country, the first in Africa!

The  Qatar Foundation is attempting to heavily invest in Artepharm.

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