Lyndon LaRouche’s Unique Contribution to the Science of Universal History

Source: LaRouchePAC Live

Lyndon LaRouche’s Unique Contribution to the Science of Universal History — Class #3

Streamed live on 11 May 2019

Speaker: Will Wertz. The purpose of this class is to pay tribute to Lyndon LaRouche’s unique contribution to the Science of Universal History. In an essay he wrote published in the Spring 1993 issue of Fidelio entitled “On the Subject of God,” Lyndon LaRouche wrote: “If we measure history by the standard of each person as imago viva Dei, we have a completely different notion of history in general than is taught in our foolish university textbooks and kindred places.” In a subsequent essay published in the Fall 1993 issue of Fidelio entitled “History as Science,” Lyndon LaRouche continued: “A rigorous definition of the term ‘history’ begins with the fact, that the continued existence of our human species is governed by a principle which does not exist in an other species of life.” It is from this rigorous scientific standpoint that Lyndon LaRouche has uniquely defined the fundamental conflict in current world history as the conflict between two systems and two views of man: the British, or more precisely, the Anglo-Dutch liberal imperial system, on the one hand, and the American system of Alexander Hamilton and Abraham Lincoln as the realization of the Golden Renaissance launched in Europe by Nicolaus of Cusa, on the other hand. The above two essays, plus Lyndon LaRouche’s 2004 essay entitled “Toward a Second Treaty of Westphalia: The Coming Eurasian World,” are recommended reading.



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