Lyndon LaRouche, Revolutionary of Our Minds

Lyndon LaRouche, Revolutionary of Our Minds

Mr LaRouche passed away on the 12 February 2019. He was born in 1922 in New Hampshire, USA.

Because of his brilliant mind he was considered by his enemies , to be the most dangerous man of his time . They locked him in prison for years, tried every dirty trick in the book to silence him and discredit his name and his work.

The Oligarchy and their Principalities of Darkness, with their parasitic financial empire of Wall Street and the City of London, with their tax havens and crooked accountants, want to continue ruling over a feudal system, to maintain never-ending wars and poverty in order to destabilize their realm and depopulate the world.

Lyndon LaRouche`s enemies lost their war against his ideas in 2014 when China launched the New Silk Road, the Belt and Road Initiative, and our world entered a new paradigm.

Lyndon LaRouche left us the Blueprint for how we defeat them. He gave us an economic philosophy that is as beautiful as it is sound, a limitless path for human progress that values above everything else, human creativity, our discoveries of the beauty of the principles of the Universe and with the limitless capacity of our human minds, our ability to create a world that is based on the Natural Law of harmony, abundance and never-ending scientific discovery.

An economist, a philosopher, a musician. He was not the greatest thinker of our time, he is among the greatest thinkers of all time.

Thank you Mr LaRouche for keeping the fire of the mind alight for all of us!


Camerata Academica Salzburg directed by Sándor Végh

András Schiff plays Mozart – Concerto for piano and orchestra no. 21 in C major – K 467

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