Latest Provocation Against the New Paradigm

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Latest Provocation Against the New Paradigm: Israel’s Netanyahu Sets Up New Mideast War

by Harley Schlanger , 9 May 2018

On April 30, Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu unveiled the latest in a series of provocations aimed at pulling the United States into a new war, this time against Iran.  In a televised briefing, Netanyahu claimed that Mossad operatives had proof that Iran had been lying about its intention to develop nuclear weapons, before it signed the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) in July 2015, under which it agreed to a strict regime of International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) supervision, to insure that it did not have a nuclear weapons program.

Netanyahu asserted that the documents provide the grounds to believe that Iran is still lying about its intention to develop nuclear weapons, despite consistent reports from the IAEA, following inspections there, that Iran has been in full compliance with the terms of the agreement.  His presentation was timed to coincide with the final decision by U.S. President Trump on whether he will leave the JCPOA deal.  Trump said he will make that decision by May 12.  It also came as Netanyahu pushed a bill through the Israeli Knesset which gives to him and his Defense Minister the full authority to decide whether Israel goes to war.  Previously, the decision was left to the full cabinet.  While this bill has not yet become law, it passed in its first reading.

This coincides with a significant ramping up of tensions between Israel and Iran, which Netanyahu has accused of preparing for war against Israel, using Syria as a base for its attacks.  As the jihadist terrorist networks in Syria are facing total, imminent defeat, by coordinated efforts of Syrian military forces, with Russia and Iranian forces, Israel has engaged in air and missile attacks on Syrian Army and Iranian positions in Syria, in de facto defense of the jihadists.  It also comes as there are very mixed signals from Washington on the future of a U.S. presence in Syria.  Though President Trump continues to say he intends to pull U.S. troops out of Syria, U.S. State Department spokesman Heather Nauert announced that the U.S. would ensure a “strong and lasting footprint” there, implying the possibility of partitioning Syria, to counter Iran.

Former Pentagon official, Michael Maloof, who served on George W. Bush’s Office of Special Plans under neo-con Doug Feith, told RussiaToday that the U.S. and its allies, i.e., the Saudis and the Gulf States, intend to occupy eastern Syria and partition the country, to “use the Sunnis in East Syria and West Iraq to form a barricade to stop any Iranian influence and cut off supplies to Hezbollah.”  Maloof, whose views are typical of war mongering neocons, and who does not speak for the present administration, added that he believes that Washington’s objectives should be aligned with the axis between Israel and Saudi Arabia, with Prime Minister Netanyahu hoping the U.S. will fight Iran for Israel.

Netanyahu’s claim that these documents provide a justification for leaving the JCPOA agreement was rejected by many in Israel’s security establishment as typical Bibi hype.  For example, Israel’s former National Security Adviser Uzi Arad said there was no “smoking gun” presented, as “there was nothing new in the presentation.  It included historical things and no proof of an Iranian offense or violation of the agreement since it was signed.”

Further discrediting Netanyahu is a video of his testimony to the U.S. House Government Reform Committee on September 12, 2002, which is getting wide circulation.  At that time, Netanyahu spoke in support of the Bush administration’s intent to attack Iraq, acknowledging that, after the terrorist attack on America on September 11, 2001, he would like to see “regime change in Iran, just as I would like to see it in Iraq.”  He brushed off a Senator who challenged him, asking if there was any evidence that Iran or Iraq had played any role in the 9/11 attacks, by asserting that both nations support terrorism. Demonstrating his absolute strategic incompetence, he concluded, “If you take out Saddam, I guarantee, it will have enormous positive reverberations in the region.”


Netanyahu’s provocation is not occurring in a vacuum, but must be seen as part of a continuum of attacks against the efforts of President Trump to break with the Bush-Obama policy, of using regime change wars to target Russia and China.  The President’s stated desire, as a candidate, to work with Putin, led a continuing, evidence-free campaign by British intelligence, Obama administration intelligence officials, and the Clinton campaign, to declare that Trump’s election resulted from Russian interference, and Trump’s collusion with Putin.  Using a false, “dodgy dossier” compiled by former MI6 operative Christopher Steele—which had been paid for by the Clinton campaign—this network launched “Russiagate”, eventually using Trump’s firing of the leaking and corrupt FBI Director James Comey as an excuse to set up a Special Counsel.  The operation’s intent, from its beginning, has been to remove Trump from office, or to at least prevent him from breaking with the geopolitical confrontation strategy adopted by his predecessors.

As “Russiagate” was exposed as a fraud, and its perpetrators, including Comey, Clapper and Brennan came under increasing legal scrutiny, the London-based networks escalated.  The “Skripal affair”, the poisoning of a former Russian spy and his daughter in Britain, was used to claim that Russia deployed a chemical agent to kill the Skripals, with the U.K. government demanding—and getting—new sanctions against Russia, and the expulsion of Russian diplomats.  However, as evidence emerged which showed that not only was there no proof of Russian involvement, but that it might have been a job done by the Brits, the next provocation occurred, the claim that Assad’s forces used chemical weapons against civilians in the Damascus suburb of Douma.  Once again, even as evidence was presented showing that this was more lies, that it was a False Flag operation run by the White Helmets, a fake human rights group with major funding coming from the British Foreign Ministry, a missile strike was launched against Syrian targets by the U.S., the U.K. and France.

French President Macron used this provocation to declare that he had convinced Trump to keep U.S. troops in Syria, and his claim was backedby neocons in the Trump administration, notably unhinged U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley.  This was angrily rejected by the President the next day, setting the stage for the next escalation, with Netanyahu’s performance.

What is clear from this sequence of events is that the war party of financial and intelligence oligarchs committed to defending the old, collapsing system, which is based on geopolitical confrontation, intends to continue the provocations, even to the point of a new devastating war.  As the Schiller Institute’s Helga Zepp LaRouche has been emphasizing, it is not enough to counter each provocation as it occurs—one must identify the war party, and its intent, which she did in her weekly webcast on May 3.  In speaking of the Netanyahu provocation, she said,

“This is very, very dangerous.  This is obviously a power game, not really regarding the Middle East as such. Naturally, Iran is the thorn in the flesh of Netanyahu, but I think the way to look at the situation is that the Middle East is once again the theater for a proxy war, where the real issue is the confrontation against Russia and China.  Because, rather than getting caught up in every single provocation, I would encourage you, our viewers, to think about the strategic long arc of developments.”

In identifying the danger, she pointed to the effect of a rejection of the JCPOA agreement with Iran could have on the otherwise promising negotiations on the Korean peninsula. The timing of Netanyahu’s announcement demonstrates the coordination of the efforts to keep the world on the edge of war, as he “timed his statement obviously with the deadline of May 12th, which is when the decision in the United States will be taken to either renegotiate or cancel the Iranian nuclear agreement, or extend it. And obviously, Netanyahu wanted to create a hype so that the United States would insist on renegotiation, which from the standpoint of the Iranians is a cancellation and would throw the whole situation immediately into a very dangerous destabilization; and may actually lead to the desire of the Iranians to then scrap the whole deal and go back to building nuclear weapons.

“Obviously, if that happens,”, she continued,

“this could have the danger of threatening the North Korean situation, because, remember, Kim Jong-un went into this absolutely intense nuclear testing and missile testing, because he looked at the Middle East and came to the conclusion that the only way for him to prevent from happening to him what happened to Saddam Hussein and Qaddafi, would be that North Korea is a full-fledged nuclear power and therefore, there would be a defense against such things.”

If the U.S. is prepared to scuttle the agreement with Iran, after it reached an agreement for inspections, etc., why should North Korea trust any agreement to give up its nuclear program?

If the U.S. follows the script behind the Netanyahu lies, the coordinated efforts of the U.S., China and Russia, together with Japan and South Korea, which led to the diplomatic breakthroughs with North Korea, will be thrown out the window, and the danger of a nuclear war with North Korea will return.  This is the obvious intent of the brinksmanship behind the London-directed operations.

As this danger is unfolding, there is a renewed effort to revive the moribund Russiagate regime change coup, with special counsel Mueller demanding that Trump appear before him to answer questions, which were conveniently leaked to the anti-Trump New York Times.  Mueller leaked that if Trump did not voluntarily accept his interrogation, he is prepared to subpoena him, to force him to comply.  While Trump accurately described this as an effort to “entrap” him, as was done with his former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, and his legal team is fighting back, the media is gleefully reporting that this may finally lead to Trump’s impeachment.

In concluding her remarks on her weekly webcast on Thursday, Mrs. LaRouche called for a mobilization to support the New Paradigm which is emerging, of peaceful cooperation, which is the target of the war provocations of the Trans-Atlantic forces.  She spoke with optimism about the Korean diplomacy as a model for resolving the present crisis, summarizing developments as follows: “This is very positive. There has been a CIA team in North Korea for a week, inspecting various sites, and [National Security Adviser] John Bolton commented and said these are all signs of good will.  And also, three American [captives] will be released by North Korea.

“President Trump has expressed that he is looking forward to meeting Kim Jong-un very soon; Kim Jong-un, on the other side, also wants to meet with [Japanese Prime Minister] Abe, and President Moon of South Korea offered to broker such a meeting.  And then, [Chinese Foreign Minister] Wang Yi is today in North Korea.  So these are all very, very good developments, because if the North Korean situation comes towards a peace treaty and potential unification under Korean sovereignty, this would be a very, very important milestone for all of humanity.”

The provocative lies and machinations of Bibi Netanyahu and his City of London controllers must not be allowed to prevent the New Paradigm from achieving this new milestone.

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