LaRouche’s Unfinished War for a New World Economic Order

Source: LaRouchePAC Live

LaRouche’s Unfinished War for a New World Economic Order — Class #2  

Streamed live on 4 May 2019

Featured speaker: Dennis Small, Ibero-America editor, EIR

The story of the fight for a just New World Economic Order (NWEO) based on North-South cooperation and development, is a perfect case study of how ideas, and in fact only ideas, create history. The ideas around which the initial battles of the war for a NWEO were fought, especially in the period 1979-1983, and the concept of how to wage that war, were developed by Lyndon LaRouche. His approach was not simply to propose the idea, and to demonstrate that this policy would be beneficial for both the North and the South. His method was to actually lay out the underlying philosophical concepts and scientific physical-economic basis to prove that such an approach can actually work. The political relationships among the major protagonists in that battle—Mexico’s José López Portillo and India’s Indira Gandhi—were also fostered intentionally by LaRouche. And when an opening emerged when Ronald Reagan assumed the Presidency of the U.S. in January 1981, LaRouche pounced on it, to bring into the battle the forces that would actually be capable of defeating the enemy and winning the strategic war. That is an object lesson in an unfinished war.

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