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On the Student Demos

Will We Wise Up Before It Is Too Late?

Recently, the Democratic Alliance declared that, to fund the elimination of fees for university students, as demanded in recent demonstrations, our government must walk away from its commitment to fund the development bank created by BRICS (the organisation for economic and other cooperation that brings together Russia, China, India, Brazil, and our nation), so that those funds could be used to eliminate the fees. DA leader Mmusi Maimane and DA finance spokesman David Maynier made this proposal on 22-23 October, referring to R2 billion earmarked as part of South Africa’s contribution to the capitalisation of the bank. They have been repeating this demand ever since. Not surprisingly, they also demand the diversion of money needed for the preparatory work toward our planned nuclear build.

This ranks among the most stupid proposals on economic policy that I have heard in recent months and, while I am not sure how much currency it has, either among students or others, I believe that I must set the matter straight, in the simplest of terms, so that perhaps even these ignorant (or worse) fellows who proposed and support such nonsense, might understand.

Let us begin by asking the student leaders and students who are protesting, the following:  How is it that we find ourselves in a situation of trying to suck money to balance education budgets from the pockets of students and their families, even though they have little or nothing with which to pay in the first place? Is this not because South Africa finds itself in a state of economic collapse, induced in large part, by the collapse of the trans-Atlantic financial system, the so-called Empire of Money—dominated by the British Empire’s center of finance, the City of London, and its Wall Street satrapy—of which empire our country, sadly, remains a part?

We might further ask these students and their parents, as well as political and economic leaders: While we might debate the value of the education that is being offered, with a rate of more than 50% unemployment among young people, including college graduates, do these students really believe that they have a future, after university, in the current economy?

In other words, the issue really facing the students and indeed all of our citizens, is not whether or not they pay education fees, but whether they have any future in this economy at all. Or stated simply, as I promised: Do we have an economy that can sustain our population, especially the younger segments of that population, into the future?

Let me answer clearly. If we do not overturn the rule of the Empire of Money, and its political stooges, globally, including the British Empire asset U.S. President Barack Obama, we are not only facing a simple lack of employment. We are facing the likely extermination of a majority of this nation’s population, young, old, and everyone in between. No, we are facing the extermination of the population of virtually all of Africa, as part of a genocide that is the stated intention of those ruling the collapsing Empire of Money, including the degenerate British Royal Family. These bastards have determined that their dying system can sustain no more than one billion people planet-wide, and therefore intend to accelerate the elimination of the rest, more than six billion living souls, by any means necessary. They are beastmen, who treat humans as animals to be culled.

The BRICS system, which proposes to marshal large and growing amounts of credit for global development, represents the only viable alternative to replace the genocide system. The BRICS’s New Development Bank is in fact the seed crystal of a new and just global economic and financial system, in which every man and woman, every son and daughter, is treasured and nurtured as a potentially productive human being, endowed with the creative power to discover the universal truths upon which progress relies.

Thus, to attack the BRICS bank, or our nation’s involvement in the new BRICS system, is to attack the very hope for the survival of mankind. How stupid is that? Perhaps fatally so. Rather, if those students protesting fee increases wish to contribute to the progress of our nation and humanity at large, if they desire productive employment, they must join the fight to make the BRICS system, including the New Development Bank, succeed.

We in the LaRouche Movement in South Africa, humbly submit this to the student leadership and to the government alike: You have a common interest in making sure that we have a future. For too long now, we have witnessed protests that, while often well intentioned, fail to take into consideration the larger context in which events are occurring. Such actions are always doomed to failure. It is high time that people stopped being stupid! In this period, we cannot bother with separate laundry lists of “student demands” or “farmer demands” or “worker demands.” Demand instead a programme for global survival that will overturn the Empire of Money. The BRICS represents the seed crystal of such an initiative and programme.

We all lose if enough of us remain obstinately stupid. Wise up, my brothers and sisters, before it is too late!


Ramasimong Phillip Tsokolibane LaRouche South Africa 13 November 2015

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