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August 28, 2015

How to Lick the Global Financial Chaos And the Threat of Human Extinction

by Ramasimong Phillip Tsokolibane


The tumult in the world markets is not, as some foolish people and liars say, a long overdue ‘correction’ in asset values; nor is it caused by alleged weakness in the huge Chinese economy. It is, rather, the death spiral of the hopelessly bankrupt monetarist system of looting of nations and their peoples by the evil predators of the City of London seat of financial empire and their Wall Street satrapy. Their system cannot be rescued nor should it be; it has survived as a vampire sucking the lifeblood out of the real economy since the insane American President, Richard Nixon, and his Wall Street advisers pulled the plug on the functional, if barely so, Bretton Woods system 44 years ago this month, unleashing continuing orgies of speculation. Matters were made remarkably worse in 1999 by the removal in the United States of the last brake on that speculation, the Glass-Steagall law that had been in place since the great American President Franklin Roosevelt used it to tame Wall Street. We entered the new millennium with a financial system de-linked from the needs of the real economy and of the human beings it must support.

The greatest living American, economist, and statesman Lyndon LaRouche, had accurately forecast the collapse of the Bretton Woods system of fixed exchange rates among currencies, as well as the results of the speculation that was then unleashed. Later, he warned that the elimination of Glass-Steagall would accelerate a hyperinflation of speculative financial assets and produce a total and hopeless bankruptcy of the trans-Atlantic financial system. That has now occurred. He also warned that the wild speculation would drive the world to a point where the human population of this planet would be sacrificed to the god of speculation, in order to save the power of the financial oligarchs over their crumbling system. That has also occurred. As Mr LaRouche had forecast, we have come to the point where we either discard this system completely and the evil powers and creatures who run it, or face the likely extinction of the human species in a general thermonuclear war. I say this as the drumbeats for this war grow ever louder, in the provocations being organised against Russia, China, and against any nation that would oppose the rule of the City of London and Wall Street enforced by that black-faced puppet of the British Empire and its evil Queen, Barack Obama. 

While there may be moments when it might appear that our descent into hell is halting, moments when markets rise temporarily or when you read that peace is ‘just around the corner’,  such noises are delusions, manipulations intended to turn you into an impotent spectator in the pre-scripted scenario for your own destruction. Instead, we must face the difficult reality and stare down our own fears.

We are not animals, as the Nazi-loving consort of the Queen, His Royal Virus Prince Philip, would have us believe. We are not to be culled like some herd of cattle, where the masters determine who among us shall live and die. We humans have been given the power to create our own future, to determine our own destiny, by a power greater than any financial oligarch or royalty; and while sometimes we may be induced to act as if animals, and seduced to follow the false god of money and its disciples and misleaders, we have the power to correct all of that, as if in an instant, by reasserting our belief in humanity and the universal principle of progress. This is what Mr LaRouche would have us do now.

Back in 1971, Mr LaRouche told people to give up the fear of being potent. He told how the global depression, and monetary and economic chaos, could be licked ‘in a single day’. But we didn’t listen, and we have suffered greatly because of that. Now, he urges us to take swift and coordinated action to end the chaos, and the threat of a general thermonuclear war; it may take a bit longer than a day, but we can still do it:

  1. In the United States and worldwide, governments must impose, or re-impose, GlassSteagall regimes. In the United States, Roosevelt’s 1933 law should be re-instated and used to place this rotten financial system through a bankruptcy reorganisation under the control of government. Government must assert its authority over the banking and financial system, and restore both order and value to our economic system.
  2. We must create mechanisms for the issuance of government-directed credit for large- scale infrastructure and other projects, to provide the basis for a global recovery. The New Suez Canal, which I have written to my countrymen about, is an example of both the spirit and content of such projects. The mechanisms of the BRICS nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and our own South Africa), such as the New Development Bank, represent the kind of process that we must have globally if we are to survive and prosper—massive credit, issued and directed towards the common good or general welfare, in the tradition of the American patriot and first Treasury Secretary, Alexander Hamilton. The BRICS system, with its commitment to credit for human development, is in fact the seed crystal of a new just, world economic order—one that must replace the current dying system, right now.
  3. We must end the so-called green policies. Such policies are anti-human and anti-science. We are not mere creatures of some natural order, some natural world that operates in mysterious ways beyond our comprehension. We are not the same as animals and plants, but instead represent the only force in the universe known to us that is capable of participating in the continuing creation and change of that universe. We are the force not merely for progress of our species, but for the universe as whole. Progress is a universal principle; the universe is moving to ever-more-beautiful and higher orders of organisation, so driven by human creativity. It is our responsibility to find those pathways to progress of the universe—to broaden our comprehension of the principles that define our solar system and our galaxy. To say otherwise, as the greenies do, is to deny our true humanity and commit a sin against the Creator and his composition. As LaRouche has explained, discovery and harnessing of ever-more-dense forms of energy is the key measure of progress. Those fools and evil bastards who would have us move to less dense forms of energy, such as wind or solar, and away from nuclear and thermonuclear power (fission and fusion power) are dooming mankind to precisely the global holocaust that is desired by the anti-humans, like his Royal Virus Prince Philip. The nuclear programme of our government is part of the solution to this crisis; more importantly, if we do not increase energy-flux densities through a vast global expansion of nuclear fission and then thermonuclear fusion, we will be dooming billions of people to poverty, and eventually, death. The greenies, and the bankers who sponsor them, have raised the costs of nuclear power development and deployment by adding bureaucratic and legal hurdles; this crap must be overturned. We must look at anyone who questions our government’s commitment to nuclear power with great suspicion of being an agent of the financial oligarchs.
  4. The single most important action that must be taken to avert the threat of general thermonuclear war in this crisis, is the removal of Obama from the Presidency of the United States, and thus his ability to launch such a war. The people of the United States must accomplish this, and fortunately there are forces already in motion. They must succeed. We must not try to save this fake African in the White House simply because of the color of his skin. Obama represents evil, and he must be gone.

These tasks are straightforward. They are relatively simple. We do not have time to quibble about non-essential matters. The old politics of personalities and pettiness must be cast aside in favour of accomplishing something great. I and the LaRouche movement stand ready to offer whatever assistance we can, to answer all legitimate questions, and work with whatever forces and individuals step forward to help navigate mankind through these troubled and dangerous waters to safety, and to a new bright future for us all.

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