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New Year’s  Message

Time to Choose: The Empire of Death, or a New Just World Order

I wish the people and leaders of our nation, on behalf of the great American statesman and economist Lyndon LaRouche, the wisdom and courage to see us through the perilous times that will be ushered in with the New Year.

As you read this message, the trans-Atlantic financial system is blowing apart, the lawful, predictable outcome of an uncontrolled orgy of speculation that characterises monetarist policy, conducted by minions of the British Empire. That this system should collapse, as Mr. LaRouche has forecast, is a good thing.1 Its continued existence is an impediment to the progress and survival of all humanity and has always been so. The problem for us humans, is that we must not allow the degenerate beastmen who have run this system to determine what comes next. If we sit back and do nothing, we shall surely suffer the onset of a New Dark Age, with even greater genocidal consequences than the one which wiped out most of Europe more than five centuries ago. It is the intention of the financial powers that run the City of London, and its American satrapy, Wall Street, to impose a deliberately genocidal regime of austerity, as they attempt to manage the collapse to their power’s advantage. Their intention is, as we have warned you, to eliminate most the world’s population, reducing it by some 6 billion or more, to a level they fantasise can be sustained by their economic system and that will maintain them in control. They believe us to be incapable of resisting and replacing their genocidal reign, relying on our servility and stupidity.

The simple fact is that we have been stupid and servile, bowing and scraping before the masters of this system, so that we might be thrown some crumbs. We have envied and emulated their decadent lifestyles. We have accepted the so-called power of money, measuring success in life as they do. This oligarchical system denies us our humanity, leading us around by the nose to believe in and accept our station as animals, willing to act according to the diktat of cruel masters, never seeing, until far too late, that such behaviour leads to our own death.

But, we are not animals, even if at times we behave as animals. We are human beings, unique in all creation, endowed by our Creator with the power of reason, the ability to think and to discover the laws which govern our universe, and in acting upon those discoveries, to create our own destiny, to determine our future, not merely on this planet, which is but our current temporary residence, but in the vast universe beyond. The power of our creativity is, like the universe itself, potentially unbounded, limited only by defects in our knowledge and by the fears and other inhibitions that distort our creative thought. We are not perfect, but we have a self-determined ability to perfect ourselves to correct what may even appear to be habitual errors and defects.

Despite the lies of a ‘science’ corrupted by oligarchical agents, most notably since beginning of the 20th century by the evil Lord Bertrand Russell, progress is the fundamental natural law of the universe. Any effort to fetter human creativity, to put shackles on our minds, defies this natural law. To follow such a Satanic pathway leads to destruction. Laws written by man that defy natural law are invalid, no matter who says otherwise.

So, as we enter the New Year, we must commit ourselves to reject all exhortations by misleaders who urge us to heed the rules and ways of the monetarist system, to accept policies that would wipe out progress, and drive mankind backwards. The time has come for us to throw off the chains of monetarism, utterly and completely.

You have a clear choice, which each of you must make:

Follow the Satanic monetarists of the British Empire and their agents, including the American President Barack Obama, down a pathway of chaos and genocide that will lead in short order to the likely extinction of our species in a general thermonuclear war, or

Finally, break once and for all with the British Empire, and affirm that you are a human being and not an animal in the Royal herd.

We must stay fully committed to the BRICS alliance, which places our nation among the leadership of those seeking a pathway to a new just world economic order, one based on maximising the creative potential for each and every human being. We must fight back against all the Satanic agents of monetarism who seek to drive us off that goal. We must work with all allies who are willing to help us.

The choice is now. With the collapse of the empire of money, choose to create a new global system, one that places value not in pieces of paper, but in the productive power of creative human labour! It will not be easy, but a renaissance never is.

May God bless our efforts. May God bless you and your families. Peace!


Ramasimong Phillip Tsokolibane LaRouche South Africa 31 December 2015

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