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A Christmas-Time Message to the Leadership and People of South Africa

Those Who Would Divide Our Unity Would Kill Us All


Greetings and best wishes to the people of our country, on behalf of Lyndon LaRouche, the American statesman and economist, who has worked tirelessly throughout his long life for the peace and progress of mankind, for the benefit of all, including all Africans, against the evil international oligarchy, headed by Her Satanic Majesty, the bitch Queen of the British Empire, and those who do her bidding, and who would gladly kill us all.

We have now reached the moment of truth in that struggle: Either we break free of the mental and economic shackles that bind us to the imperialists, or we face the likely extinction of the human species, as a result of the policies of these evil beastmen. As Mr. LaRouche warned December 16,1 the Trans-Atlantic financial system—the empire of money of the City of London and Wall Street—has entered into a new and dangerous accelerating collapse process. If the world is to avoid the destructive effects of this collapse, it will require a concerted and cooperative effort on the part of nations, including our own, to create a new, just global system, wiping out the empire of money of the imperialists, and once and for all crushing the British Empire and its agents and assets, including the mass-murdering American President Barack Obama, whom the American people must remove from office.

With that in mind, I urgently appeal to all good men and women to come together around what makes us human, to defeat the beastmen of imperialism now.

It is especially appropriate in this season, that we reflect on the fact that we, as human beings, were endowed by our Creator with the power of creativity, fundamentally and forever distinguishing us from all other living creatures. Unlike animals, we are not beasts, who are victims of circumstance, but each of us, through our God-given creative powers can discover the principles governing this universe, and by comprehending them, can deploy them to create a future for the benefit of all. In that way, each of us can make such contributions to human progress, which live beyond our mortal life of flesh.

Nor, as our great accomplishments in space show us, are we bound to our cradle, this planet Earth. Our future destiny and greatness lies among the stars, beyond our solar system, beyond even our Milky Way galaxy. We must not live by any fixed set of rules or systems, but rather, we must constantly seek to turn the page on our as yet unwritten destiny. We live in the future that we create for those who come after us, believing in our own perfectibility, our ability always to advance.

This is what it means to be truly human. Those who tell us otherwise are liars, in the service of the Satanic evil that is oligarchism. Listen to your would-be leaders here in South Africa, and see if they believe that men and women are mere beasts, trapped and therefore governed by their senses alone; and that humans are, at best, but a higher species of animals, as the environmentalists say. That is Satan using their voice! Because they deny that which makes us human, they define themselves as evil, as the enemy of mankind.

It is our human-ness that unifies us. So, therefore, anyone, any power, any ‘principle’ that would divide the human race into ‘categories,’ ‘races,’ or ‘classes’ as professed interest groups apart from the interest of the human race as whole, is doing Satan’s work, alienating mankind from our true identity and purpose.

Similarly, governments are constituted among men to serve the interest of the human race as a whole, deriving their mandate to exist to the extent that they succeed in establishing conditions that nurture the increasing creativity and productivity of each of its citizens. And, while governments rightly serve interests as defined within their sovereign domains, they must also serve a higher-order principle: to promote and act for the benefit to all of mankind. We have come to the time, my friends, when conflict among sovereign interests (geopolitics) must give way to the higher interest of mankind as whole, for peace and progress to flourish. I am not speaking of some far-off, never reached utopia, but about the here and now, when factions of imperialists, including the British puppet, U.S. President Barack Obama, are leading a drive for thermonuclear war.

As you hear or read this, we sit on the edge of the total financial collapse of the imperialists’ empire of money, the trans-Atlantic financial system. The response of the beastmen to the collapse is to seek chaos and war, with an intent to kill off as many people as possible, as rapidly as possible, which their decadent system can no longer support. Their genocide is intentional.

It is from the standpoint of what the human race requires now and into the future for survival—progress—that we must choose and judge our leaders, and their policies or lack of policy.

  1. For example: The final document of the recently concluded COP 21 UN climate change conference in Paris manifests a clear intent to impose genocide on the world. The claim that there is any connection between actually beneficial, increasingly levels of carbon dioxide and global warming is a scientific fraud, intended to cover for genocide. The truth is that all human progress has been defined by increases in energy-flux densities, enabling increases in energy consumption which have in turn helped to make us more productive and creative, as we have progressed from less dense fuel sources to more dense, from wood burning to coal, to fossil fuels, and now to nuclear. This is coherent with man’s increasing grasp of universal principles that define this progress. Those behind the climate change hoax want to reverse our progress, demanding cuts in consumption and use of less dense energy sources such as solar and wind. If we allow this, we create a society incapable of supporting current levels of population.

The genocidal population reduction that will ensue from such evil, is consistent with the ravings of His Royal Virus, Prince Philip, the ‘former’ Nazi, who says that people are a plague to be eliminated. He has even expressed the hope that, if reincarnated, ‘I would like to return as a deadly virus’ so that he could kill as many people as possible!

Those who support this policy are either evil themselves or doing the work of evil.

Don’t be fooled by people who say that what was agreed to in Paris, were only ‘voluntary’ restraints that cannot be enforced. Right now, Charles, the dumbo-eared son of the bitch Queen, is working on legislation—including for South Africa and other members of the Queen’s Commonwealth—that will give such agents as Prince Philip’s World Wide Fund for Nature the ability to sue companies and governments to enforce compliance.

  1. Or take the opposition to the proposed South African and other African nuclear programmes. Those who oppose nuclear power are also doing the work of Prince Philip. They argue that such plans are too costly.

The fact is that South Africa, to ensure an adequate supply of stable power, cannot afford not to have nuclear power. The only real problem with the government’s programme, is that it accepts the environmentalist red tape that delays completion of the plants, thus artificially and unnecessarily driving up their cost. Instead, such programmes, for this country and for all Africa, should be sped up. Not only will they be a source of stable, cheap power, but they will also require the development of a skilled, African labour force for their construction and operation.

Should there be no nuclear power development in Africa, then there will be no real development, and if there is no development, Africans will die in increasing numbers. Those who oppose nuclear power are doing the deadly bidding of Satan.

  1. Our government has boldly placed South Africa at the center of a global movement for a new, just world economic system, a movement based not on money and profits for an oligarchical caste, but rather on the increasing well-being and creative potential for all humankind. We are part of that 40 percent of the world’s people in the BRICS alliance, consisting of Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa. Its New Development Bank, with its African headquarters in Johannesburg, will distribute credit for much needed development projects.

The BRICS initiatives are the seed crystal for a new global system to replace the dying empire of money. Much more needs to be done to bring all of this to realisation, but no sane person can oppose South Africa’s participation in the BRICS. Those who do so, for whatever reason, are not only wrong, they are doing service for the imperialists and their proposed genocide, by dividing us from our allies in human progress.

  1. It has been the policy of the British Empire to oppose any initiative that might destroy its ability to rule. Using its American assets, which include President Obama, and its Wall Street satrapy, it funds subversive and destructive activities against targeted nations, governments, and individuals. It promotes terrorism and chaos, and otherwise undermines legitimate governments’ ability to govern, it side-tracks initiatives that threaten imperial policy. It seeks to divide governments and their peoples to rage against each other. We must look carefully at the recent unrest in our country and the calls for regime change. At root, these come from the imperialists. To those who say that they wish to force a change in government, please ask them what their policies are on the critical issues of the day that we speak of here. Their silence on exposing the global warming hoax, their silence on nuclear energy and on the BRICS, should forewarn us that evil is afoot here.

Think not of partisan politics or even the national interest in making your judgments. Think of the common aims of mankind. We must rise to the as yet unfulfilled promise of the opportunity given us by Madiba, who called on us to be a great people, taking into our hearts the aspirations not only of those now living, but also of future generations. Let us ask ourselves how our posterity will judge us—if we, by our actions today, have given them that future opportunity.

God bless all of you! Peace!


Ramasimong Phillip Tsokolibane LaRouche South Africa 19 December 2015

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