“Land in Mozambique belongs to the State and Nobody Else”

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“Land in Mozambique belongs to the state and to nobody else” – Maputo mayor warns Katembe population against selling land

Speaking at the rally to KaTembe during a working visit, Maputo city mayor David Simango has told residents not to buy land in the district, because it is owned by the state, TVM reports.

Noticias reports that the KaTembe Municipal District urbanization process will soon move forward with the installation of a Development Office, which will direct the implementation of the urbanization plan.

Simango said that KaTembe’s urbanization and development plan had been in place since 2010 to ensure that land occupation takes place in an orderly manner, and the completion of the Maputo-KaTembe Bridge next year would change life in this area of ​​the city significantly.

The Maputo mayor says the office will help local communities to interpret the area’s urbanization plan.

“Land, for example, will appreciate a lot in value. But for us to have urbanized growth will require organization. We are working towards parceling out the plots and this will be one of the roles of the KaTembe Development Office,” Noticias quotes Simango as saying.

At the end of his two-day visit to Maputo’s southernmost district, David Simango made a positive assessment of the implementation of this year’s annual plan of activities, while acknowledging the existence of barriers and resistance to the granting of land.

“In rural areas, for historical, social and cultural reasons, the land is the greatest good, its greatest wealth. That is why KaTembe residents are resisting. But we have to enforce the law: the land in our country belongs to the state and to nobody else,” Simango said.

During his visit, Simango led an extraordinary session of the District Advisory Council and presided over the graduation ceremony of more than 60 young people in the mobile training unit. He also visited a local health centre and learned about circumstances surrounding the construction of Rua B, already two years behind schedule.

Source: TVM / Noticias

Source: TVM Mozambique

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