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By Congolese Solidarity Campaign

Congolese Solidarity Campaign “CSC” is saddened by the sudden death of Mr. NOEL BEYA DINTSHIANTSHIA, who was killed by a petrol bomb while he was on duty on Friday night last week. He was working at BUFFALO BAR (owned by Mr Naidoo) as a bouncer,  on the corner of Commercial and Gardener Street in the city of DURBAN.

According to the deceased`s last words before he died, there were some customers who were making a noise and disturbing others customers at the liquor outlet. The owner sent him to tell them that they should respect other customers, but they did not listen. They continued to create a disturbance, the owner sent him to take all of them out and make sure that they did not return. According to him these people told him that he cannot do that to them in their own country and that they would show him. They came back 30 minutes later,  behind from where he was standing outside; they poured petrol on him and threw fire on him. He came inside  the liquor outlet for help, but he was not assisted accordingly. This attack is believed to be  xenophobia motivated.
Paramedics and police came late on the scene, but he was eventually rushed to Addington Hospital and then transferred to Wentworth Hospital in Jacobs where he died on Sunday morning around 7 am. We are very concerned about the protection of Migrants in South Africa, especially African Migrants.
He was born in Democratic Republic of Congo, on 15 January 1968, in the province of Kassai occidental. He arrived in South Africa in 2005. He died at the age of 47, and left behind a wife and a young daughter. We were also informed that a  case of murder was opened at the police station, the killers are still on the run and the police are not doing enough to bring them to book according to his brother. The remains of the deceased will be repatriated back home (DRC) next week, where he will be laid to rest.


Congolese Solidarity Campaign sends it condolences to the family of our fallen brother who died in  exile because of political instability and economic mismanagement in our country (DRC) which have led many of us to leave our promised land, and seek refuge in different countries around the world and particularly in South Africa. The moment through which our people are living in any part of the world,  is one of the darkest moments in the history of human beings. Our future is dark, and scattered, just simply because our own country is failing to create opportunities for our people which subjects us to harsh socio -economic conditions that put our lives at risk.
Congolese Solidarity Campaign is a grass roots social movement which struggles for social justice, equality, and creating a free, open, and unified DR Congo regardless of culture, ethnicity, beliefs, race, social origin, gender, race, and region. We are on the mission of preserving human dignity of our people. United by destiny and history encompassing the noble ideas of liberty, fraternity, solidarity, justice, peace and work. Animated by our common will to build, in the heart of Africa, a State of Law and a powerful and prosperous Nation, founded on a real political, economic, social and cultural democracy.



  1. It is very sad, very shocking …………. My condolences to the family ! Jesus Christ we trusting in you , please because of us who fear you , protect all congolese !

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