JOSEPH KABILA AND BARAK OBAMA will you please stop lying about your names

These two leaders have a great deal in common.

Both lie about their names.

Barak Obama = real name = Barry Soetoro

Joseph Kabila= real name= Hyppolite Kanambe

Since the assassination of Laurent Kabila in 2001, the impostor has conducted a witch-hunt for Laurent Kabila`s biological children.Laurent`s daughter, Aimee,  was assassinated after speaking out about her impostor `brother` and David Kabila, Laurent`s son is being held in a former Zaire Bank building in  Gombe which is now being used as a torture chamber where prisoners are held without trial and left to rot. Among others detained there, is Christophe Ngoy, the human rights activist. Source: APARECO

Both leaders do not act in the best interests of their respective countries, to put it very mildly.

Both men are impostors in government.

Both are responsible for mass murder on a grand scale.Kabila has overseen the murder of millions and millions of Congolese citizens in his unfortunate fourteen years of mis-rule.He has done this on behalf of his colleagues in Kigali and Kampala. Between these three individuals, Kabila, Museveni and Kagame, the Great Lakes region of Africa has been soaked in the blood of genocide and subjected to a rule of satanic evil. This axis of evil acts on behalf of its satanic mother, the British Economic Empire.

Barak Obama has also overseen the mass murdering of millions of world citizens subjected to American foreign policy. Obama has done this on behalf of his colleagues in Westminster, London who are the true controllers at present of US foreign policy and yes,  this London based hub of carnage and destruction is satanic.

Kabila has acted for the British, Canadian ( British), Israeli and Australian (British) extractives industry, ie, mining corporations like Rio Tinto  and Glencore Xtrata. Kabila has acted literally as the president of DRC when in fact he is the extractives industry`s agent and not the president. Obama fulfills the same role from within the US government. Obama acts on behalf of the interests of the United States Military Industrial Complex which means that Obama conducts US foreign policy to protect the interests of MNCs, that are also based in or affiliated with the City of London which is where the satanic mother of all evil conducts business for the British Economic Empire.

The solution is simple. The financial control that the British Empire has held for centuries over the nations of the world through such institutions as the major banks, the IMF and the World Bank;  must be broken. The only way to do this is for all nations to join the BRICS and bring down the Empire.