Following on from the nationalization of South Africa`s energy giant Eskom,all southern African states now provide free electricity to the entire population.States in central, east and west Africa will shortly be following suit.

This groundbreaking leap in progress has been made all the easier since Glencore Xstrata and all  corporate assets ( including CEOs private property – sports cars, luxury yachts and personal off-shore accounts etc) was liquidated.

Bizarrely enough, the UN Millennium Development Goals of reducing poverty by 50% by 2015 were achieved and over-reached within 6 months instead of 15 years once a mere handful of giant corporations were forced to return decades of stolen wealth. The entire Board of Directors at Royal Dutch Shell have now been given new job opportunities in the Niger Delta, working within the clean up team.Nigeria, since the liquidation  of Shell, is one of the top 5 wealthiest states world-wide and is now issuing interest free loans to all neighboring states to invest in health care, infrastructure, energy projects and high tech development.

Being as most African nations have now voted to abolish centralized government, community elders have the responsibility of `government`. This system of course is working exceptionally well in states like Somalia where it is not that far back in history that such a form of genuine democracy was the norm.

South Africa can now officially declare that within her borders there is now zero homelessness, zero poverty and zero hunger. Nicky Oppenheimer was permitted to keep $1million but has returned the remaining $6.7 billion to the people of South Africa. This paid for Ubuntu community projects all across the country.

Former presidents Jacob Zuma,Paul Kagame, Yoweri Museveni, Alassane Ouattara and Ali Bongo Ondimba have all been granted exile in Switzerland where they are taking part in a reintegration program along with leading European and American politicians and former high ranking staff of the now dissolved UN, IMF and World Bank.

North and South Sudan have been reunited and the liquidation of Glencore Xstrata in the former South Sudan is paying for the Sudanese water project which will make Sudan the bread basket of North Africa.

All mega farming has been banned in Ethiopia, Uganda and Tanzania. All land has been returned to the rightful communities and the liquidation of Del Monte and Monsanto is paying for new farming equipment, solar energy plants and mass irrigation projects.

With the dissolution of the Bank of England and all Rothschild-owned central banks in Africa, the People across the continent are experiencing unlimited abundance. Such abundance and stability has thousands of volunteers entering Libya each month to assist in the rebuilding of this country.Muammar Gadaffi`s statue is being placed in Tripoli.And his gold dinar based currency will become Africa`s standard.

With malnutrition now unheard of across the continent there have been no new cases of AIDS in the last 6 months.African nations have uniformly voted to adopt the Chinese system of medicine and joint research is now being carried out to find plant based cures for TB and parasitic diseases such as Malaria.Treatment and medication will of course be free to all.


As the James Stewart film `Its A Wonderful Life` was President Gamal Nasser`s favorite movie we are especially pleased to report that today in Egypt there are no landless citizens and no one lives below or even near the poverty line.  Egypt will be leading the way in high tech development and healthy industrialization with wealth and happiness being shared equally among the People.