Italy Delivers Smashing Defeat to EU Oligarchy !

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The New Paradigm Is the Dominant Dynamic In the World; Italy Delivers Smashing Defeat to EU Oligarchy

December 5, 2016
Matteo Renzi with President Obama, October 2016, Washington, D.C.

On November 9, 2016, the morning after the dramatic U.S. presidential election—when Trump’s victory left most analysts at home and abroad either babbling nonsense or in stunned silence— Lyndon LaRouche stated clearly that Trump’s victory was part of a global, not a local or national process, in which the entire edifice of globalization and free trade was crumbling. LaRouche said that nothing is yet a settled question, and that the process is being steered by Presidents Putin of Russia and Xi of China, and by the global alternative that they are presenting—an alternative based on policies for which Lyndon and Helga LaRouche have long fought.

Today, that global process continues to unfold at an accelerating rate, to the point where the New Paradigm is the dominant dynamic in the world right now. In Italy, the country delivered a stunning 60%-40% defeat to Britain’s EU dictatorship. The Sunday referendum—following in the footsteps of the Brexit and Trump votes—may well be the final knock-out blow to the entire euro system.

As the trans-Atlantic system’s old paradigm implodes, Chinese President Xi Jinping is actively offering the entire world access to the “dream” of development which is working so stunningly in China. As Xinhua put it in a signature piece: “The Chinese dream is a dream for all.” And Xi, like his partner Putin, continues to extend an offer of productive cooperation with the United States, to President-elect Trump. The potential is enormous—but yet to be realized.

Meanwhile, the voices of the has-beens of the old paradigm continue to act like there has been no change in the presidency of the U.S., and that the New Paradigm doesn’t even exist. They continue pushing the world in the direction of nuclear war, with their outlandish and dangerous provocations against Russia and China.

What we do in this global process, LaRouche emphasized back on November 9, and again this weekend in discussions with associates on both sides of the Atlantic, is absolutely crucial. We must keep pushing for the adoption of LaRouche’s Four Laws, and use the fact that there is an increased openness to discuss daring ideas, such as was found in LaRouche PAC organizing on Capitol Hill earlier this week. Many people for the first time were willing to discuss fusion power, space policy, and even the ideas of Einstein and Krafft Ehricke.

We must lay out for people the need for Glass-Steagall and a Hamiltonian system of credit to replace today’s bankrupt system, and show them how it will work. And above all we have to hone in on the central characteristic of Man that makes such continuous development possible: his creativity.

We have to absolutely focus on the creation of a better quality of the human mind, LaRouche stressed; we can’t leave out the need to create and generate genius, as the Einstein example emphatically demonstrates. That is the standard to be applied. We have to upgrade our own functioning as organizers, he said, and seek out people who have at least, in a germ form, that quality of genius and who are willing to build a new society and create a future for mankind.

We cannot compromise with the development of genius. This requires that we strive to develop the kind of quality which must at least have a taste of genius, because we want the population to be on that trajectory.

This idea of appealing to people who have at least an inkling of what it means to bring mankind forward, Helga Zepp-LaRouche stated, is also the key to recruitment. In such individuals we must light the spark to join this new revolution which is underway worldwide.

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