Is Anti-China Sentiment Being Driven By An Intelligence Agency?

“People are going to say: why are you defending China?

Well, we`re not defending China, we are defending the prospect to have collaborations world-wide for peace and economic security and what China has happened to have hit upon are a number of economic policies that not only have been effective in growing their economy and getting people out of poverty, which is what we all want right? But which happens to be an anathema to the City of London – Wall Street banking apparatus which the last 2 segments, everything which we talked about, is coming directly from them. So then this is the alternative: you have policies in China of Glass Steagall banking separations, you have national credit which they issue to get the economy moving into special projects, infrastructure. You have a high technology, fast developing economy that uplifts the masses….”

Source: CEC Australia

25 Jan 2019 – The CEC Report – Audit the big four banks / The Five Eyes, not China, is Spying on you

Published on 25 Jan 2019

1. We must act now to avert financial catastrophe
2. Don’t worry about China spying on you—worry about the Five Eyes!
Presented by Elisa Barwick and Craig Isherwood

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