Iran Situation from Someone Who Knows Something

an incredibly insightful talk on the situation in Iraq and Iran and how this present situation can be used as a great opportunity to rebuild Iraq and restore peace and prosperity in the region

Source: LaRouchePAC Live

Iran Situation from Someone Who Knows Something

Published on 6 Jan 2020

Author and Southwest Asia editor for Executive Intelligence Review magazine, Hussein Askary, lays out the critical context in which Iranian Maj. Gen. Qasem Soleimani was killed by U.S. forces. Askary reviews the public and internal overtures made by actors within the region, and others abroad, to reduce foreign military presence in the area and begin an international strategy for the reconstruction of Iraq and Syria, which has faced constant intervention and sabotage by forces local and abroad who wish to keep conflict flaring in the region for their own interests and control.

Askary reminds viewers that the assassination of Soleimani is not something to take sides on, or compare analysis of, it’s a critical turning point for either war or peace and development. Now is not time to think like partisans or geopolitical hacks, but instead, consider what our best American leaders would do in this scenario.


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