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16 octobre 2015


After Tanzania sent many Rwandan Tutsis back in Rwanda for security reasons, and after Tanzania led a war that disrupted the Hima-Tutsi Empire plans of annexing Kivu, Tutsi expansionists have adapted to new tactics. They will engage themselves in changing Tanzania governance from the smallest authority, all the way to executive power (President). As elections are closing in on Oct 25th,  Agents of all kind are infiltrating Tanzania as much as they can.

Slide2 (1)In opposition the candidate himself Mr. Edward Lowassa is believed to be supported by money machinery from Rwanda and allies. He knows that fighting CCM in a fair democratic process will not be a possible task, therefore using extra capital to increase his odds will likely give him an edge. After the death of pastor Christopher MTIKILA who was very vocal against the imminent threat of Hima Tutsi Empire, his votes will be divided between CCM Candidate Mr. Magufuli and the opposition leader Mr. Lowassa.

MP Elections however can be easily influenced in western part of the country by Rwandan Tutsi involvement in local politics, and corruptions at an alarming level. To Hima-Tutsi Empire, gaining friendly seats in parliament, means power. Ability to decide on land laws in west they need badly for their cattle, later to be used as base for future invasion in Tanzania. This land with more accessible gateways to Rwanda, Uganda, and Congo will be easily in control of Tutsi spies and businessmen.

Slide1 (2)The media and opposition have already started spreading rumors that CCM will likely rig this coming elections. What we can expect next is western media support to the opposition in same manner, in order to discourage Tanzanian people to vote for CCM.

With the economy being the major issue people vote, Tanzanians should be careful, remembering that their country’s spirit of independence is at a high risk more than ever before. With globalization, and false publicity of Rwandan development, might affect their decision on what Tanzania really needs.

The Hima-Tutsi Empire has threaten to kill president Jakaya Kikwete live on Radio and TV, They have killed a leader in opposition who was very aware of the Hima-Tutsi Empire’s threat to the region. Now more than ever, with the help of western countries, not only CCM but the Tanzanian people are under political and social attack to weaken their unity and patriotism. Once or if they succeed, Hima Tutsi Empire will most definitely concur Tanzania, piece by piece.

Jean Paul Rugero Romeo