P.O.Box 421

Durban, 4000 RSA


On Wednesday 08 April 2015, Congolese Solidarity Campaign “CSC” together with Somali Association of South Africa “SASA” and other foreign nationals supported by Abahlali baseMjondolo Movement SA will be having an Anti-Xenophobia March to demand an end to the current wave of xenophobic violence against foreign nationals.
We are united in our common outrage at the brutal acts of the current wave of xenophobic violence against foreign nationals unleashed over the last few weeks and which shows no end in sight, it is important to remember that these horrific acts that have spurred us into action are the result of many years in which xenophobic attitudes, practices, and beliefs have been allowed to exist and proliferate amongst all of us.
Those who have openly attacked others have claimed that South Africans are being denied access to scarce jobs, basic services, and better lives because of the need to compete with people from other African countries for these limited resources.It is a high time for all of us; both foreign nationals and South Africans to join forces to eradicate the anti-foreign perception,coupled with unfair treatment that conspire against the ideal of pan-Africanism heralded by government.The ideal of Uniting Africa from Cape to Cairo can only be achieved if Africans are united against the forces of capitalism that are dividing us.
Kindly honour us with your esteemed presence so that we can work together to diffuse the xenophobic tension and isolate those who are perpetrating the negative attitude and beliefs towards foreign nationals.
The march will be held in Durban Central from King DINU ZULU PARK (Opposite Durban Christian Centre) to CITY HALL (Workshop) from 9h am to 13 pm.
Any Information regarding this march please contact:Public Relations Officer,Kapele Mutachi on 072 894 2882