In Response to the Demonization of Pres Jacob Zuma

This article was first published in October 2017. Ramasimong Philip Tsokolibane has been detailing the City of London`s destabilization of the  presidency of Jacob Zuma for the past 4 years. The financial interests of Wall Street and the City of London along with their cohorts, South Africa`s dynastic financial controllers , the Oppenheimers, have been leading a propaganda campaign to assassinate the character of Jacob Zuma in retaliation for South Africa`s turn to the East.

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British Relaunch Old Scandals to Stop New Paradigm

British Relaunch Old Scandals to Try to Stop Our Move to the New Paradigm

23 October 2017

I have watched, with some amusement, the open and direct efforts of the British Empire to relaunch some old fake scandals against our President and his family, in the form of an investigation by the British Treasury. While President Jacob Zuma’s ex-wife, Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma, who is a candidate to succeed him, has strongly denied the charges of money laundering made by a member of the British House of Lords, Lord Peter Hain of Neath (or is it of the ‘Underneath’?), I would not have dignified such charges with a denial. This is fake news made by a former South African, with long-standing connections to the ‘anti-corruption’ campaigns run and funded by organisations linked to George Soros, the British asset and former Nazi speculator. I am informed that the accuser was himself accused of corruption over his conduct in a Labour Party election campaign; the Crown’s prosecutor, to whom the London Metropolitan Police had referred the case, simply declined to prosecute.

As expected, the same networks and British assets in South Africa that have long been screaming for the head of our President, have echoed this ‘Lord Ha-Ha’ and are demanding a similar investigation in South Africa, lest we be embarrassed by the British probe. But as authorities here were quick to point out, such investigations have been ongoing, and, I must assert, they have found nothing thus far worth prosecuting.

What I know is that the British Empire hates our President, because he has had the audacity to align South Africa with the emerging new economic paradigm coming from the East, under the principal direction of President Xi Jinping’s China and President Vladimir Putin’s Russia, both in the creation of the BRICS alliance (of Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) and China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) for vast and rapid economic development. President Zuma and South Africa will assume the rotating chairmanship of the BRICS early next year. This is what London fears, and it is what the corrupt British legal system is desperate to derail— through its puppet Lord Hain.

These specious charges are not new; they have been floating around British-linked press sewers and other outlets for some time. Lord Hain, with coordination from the City of London, now seeks to give them a patina of validity by having the Brits themselves conduct the investigation against President Zuma, his family, and his allies—the strange and mysterious Gupta interests. The timing of Lord Hain’s action is also intended to provoke maximum chaos in the processes within the African National Congress, which will select a successor candidate to President Zuma, who supports his ex-wife.

While many South Africans have a propensity to believe that their government is massively corrupt, and that individuals such as the Gupta brothers have bought influence, I suggest that the greatest corruption of our political life comes from the same British Empire sources that Lord Ha-Ha represents, who want us to toe the Empire’s geopolitical and economic line, instead of acting in our national interest in aligning with the BRICS and the BRI. If our President merely wished to enjoy only riches and celebrity, the easiest path for him would be to sell out our interests to the British, as many of our political figures have already done.

Instead of issuing a denial of the self-righteous Lord Ha-Ha’s accusations, I say the British Empire has no authority to pass judgment on these matters! Instead, charge London with blatant interference in the sovereign political affairs of South Africa, in much the same way that the British, through ‘ex’ MI6 agent Christopher Steele interfered in the U.S. election and is continuing to interfere in political affairs of the United States, by creating the ‘Russia-gate’ hoax against President Donald Trump. The political movement of former U.S. Presidential candidate and economist Lyndon LaRouche, of which I am the leader in South Africa, has taken the point in exposing this fake news hoax directed by Wall Street operator and amoral legal assassin Robert Mueller.

President Trump has recently zeroed in on British agent Steele’s fake dossier on him, and is demanding to know who was behind it. One would hope that President Zuma would take a page from the feisty American President, and demand an investigation of who this ‘Lord of the Under-Neath’ is really working for, and how the British government has directly involved itself in this fraudulent hoax here.

More importantly, we should drive our British Empire enemies even more crazy with anger, by our President declaring that South Africa’s movement into the new paradigm of peace and prosperity as represented by the BRICS and the BRI is irreversible and will continue, regardless of what happens to me or my successor, because it represents the true will and destiny of our people. And, we should increase the tempo of nuclear and other development projects which are part of this process.

The Brits, in their desperation to undo what will not be undone, have exposed themselves as the true authors of the efforts to destabilise my country, albeit with the assistance of their assets in the United States, linked to the despicable Soros, and inside the administration of their asset Barack Obama, the anti-African former President. This should provide the spur to our President to initiate actions that cause us to finally exit the British Empire and its so-called Commonwealth, as I have been calling for, for some time. Why remain in a hornet’s nest that has already stung us, and worse, more than once?

And, just to drive the Brits even more insane, I propose that President Zuma issue a formal invitation to another of their ‘hateds’, President Trump, to visit South Africa so that he might see for himself both the problems created by British Empire/City of London forced underdevelopment, but also the potential for the development of our nation into a fully modern agro-industrial giant, capable of leading Africa into a new era of growth and prosperity. By the year 2050, more than four out of ten of all the globe’s people will reside in Africa.

Never respond to the British or any enemy on their terms, created by fake news and lies. Tell people the truth behind what is happening, and let them laugh at these pathetic little tricks. Oh, how the British hate that! As Mr. LaRouche always says, ‘have fun’, because if you are having fun, rest assured, your enemies are not.

Ramasimong Phillip Tsokolibane
23 October 2017

Source: LaRouche South Africa


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