To all those who have been listening to  the SGT Report, this is to inform you that YouTube cancelled the SGT report yesterday, on July 24, having given Sean Turnbull a “third strike”, for “violating community standards.” Not only is he no longer allowed to post his videos on YouTube, but they have deleted hundreds of past videos, including the recent ones which are interviews about President Trump`s historic meeting with President Putin, which have had between 150,000 and 260,000 views! His site had over 340,000 subscribers when it was cancelled!

This is not just censorship, but is taken directly from George Orwell’s “1984”, in which true history is erased, to make it easy to control the minds of the victims of a security state, allowing only Fake News to be disseminated.

Sean received the email announcing his cancellation just before he was scheduled to do an interview with Harley Schlanger of the Schiller Institute and Roger Stone, on how to turn Russiagate against its perpetrators, including Obama and his intel officials Brennan and Clapper, and their co-conspirators in British intelligence. Sean will fight this, and asked that his supporters send twitter messages to YouTube, demanding his reinstatement, to overturn this injustice. You can tweet YouTube at @teamyoutube.

Take this action against the SGT Report as a warning — the Deep State is out to crush opposition to its murderous policies. At the same time it presses ahead, through the illegal operation being run by special counsel and legal hitman Robert Mueller, to get rid of President Trump, it is using its powers to shut down opposing views.

We must not let them succeed!

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