If Joe Biden Is Sworn In, the “Great Re-Set” Will Be Coming After You!

the global elite, through bodies such as Davos and the IMF, are pushing for a New Bretton Woods, otherwise known as The Great Re-Set. Their version is a totalitarian new world order, corporatocracy on steroids. This will involve complete de-industrialization of the West and a zero-growth policy for Africa…. the Green New Deal. This is depopulation supposedly to save the planet…a Malthusian/feudal system. We must call for a New Bretton Woods, the real version and not the phony version.

Source: LaRouchePAC Videos

If Joe Biden Is Sworn In, the “Great Re-Set” Will Be Coming After You!

10 November 2020

Every American should take the battle to reverse the fraud, which purportedly elected Biden as President, as personal, as it is. If it is allowed to stand, your vote is meaningless, your job—f you still have one—is threatened, your pensions and savings can evaporate in a hyper-inflation, and the nation plunged into more disastrous “endless wars”. The re-set is a policy designed by the bankers of the City of London and Wall Street to bail out their bankrupt system, which is loaded with worthless financial instruments pledged to cover an unsustainable debt, while funding a Green Financial Bubble and imposing killer austerity on the remaining goods producing sector of the economy. No wonder they needed to commit massive fraud to impose it!


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