Humanity or the Crown?

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A Knight Ponders His Move

The King is in the corner, his defenses all have crumbled
Into his path with hushed intent a noble Knight has stumbled
Or did he creep deliberately, some plan to execute?
Lord help us all if it’s not so and there he does take root!

The King is in the corner, caught in a deadly pin
If the Knight should move it’s checkmate#!  And humanity would win!
So, the question that is whispered ‘twixt Virginia and Armagh Town:
What side plays the Knight for…humanity or the Crown?

Oh, the great and the good join in wild debate:
Is he a hero…or just a chancer??
As the world awaits under Damocles’ Sword
By his deeds the Knight will answer!

Image Courtesy of Spraggett on Chess

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