Howard Buffet and Ben Affleck in the DRC

These men are coming to help people in the eastern Congo, apparently, with the Eastern Congo Initiative NGO.

Howard Buffet is the son of Warren Buffet. This family are part of the elite/Illuminati/cabal destroying Africa and the world.

Ben Affleck is a Hollywood film star and should stick with that.But nowadays they use Hollywood stars to promote their Mr Nice Guy image.It is part of the NGOs public relations act.

When Mr Buffet donates his charity money to `victims` of the DRC; it would be better to ask Mr Buffet and his friends how it is they came to be some of the richest people in the world.

It would also be a good question to ask Mr Buffet what corporations have got the mining rights in Eastern Congo.

We could also ask Mr Ben Affleck why it is in his opinion,  that Hollywood has been promoting racism and the culture of white supremacy for the last 100 years.