For the last 15 -20 years the climate has not warmed up. This is according to the factual satellite and terrestrial measurements.So why the lies about global warming?

“There is a desire to centralize governing power in a new world government and really this has become quite explicitly evident since the 2009 Draft of the Copenhagen Treaty……..showing the passages in the draft in which they discuss the establishment of a world government and the word government appears in the context of a global government for the first time in any treaty draft that I have ever seen. So I think there is a very clear agenda on the part of ambitious politicians and bureaucrats that being prime-minister of a single nation isn`t enough, they now want to be president of the world or a member of the world governing council and the climate change thing is being used by some people of that stamp as an excuse, as an attempt,  to try to establish what has often been described by right wing staring- eyed fanatics as a New World Order. But the fact is that they are really trying to do this. And in the subsequent drafts after Copenhagen, there was the Kankoon Draft which established several hundred, nearly a thousand new bureaucracies. There was the Durban Draft that was going to transfer enormous powers to new institutions such as an International Climate Court which could move against Western nations. There is an enormous attempt by the UN to make it look as though they are transferring wealth from the richer countries to the poorer countries in this process; that is the way of buying the poorer countries support. In fact what tends to happen is that the wealth goes from the richer countries to the UN and very very little of that ever trickles out and goes down to the poorer countries. That`s the problem with the UN; now this would be compounded in spades if they were able to get away with this process of centralizing the governments of the world on most economic and all environmental matters which is what the Copenhagen Treaty envisaged.”