How To Reclaim Your Life

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How To Reclaim Your Life

2014 4-18 Kansas City Trip (17) Vandana Shiva(Excerpted from Chapter 7: Sell More Than You Buy: Stickin’ it to the Matrix)

We live in the belly of the beast, a declining empire, a super-sized narcissistic complacent nation – long dependent on the sweat, exploitation and resource largesse of the developing world.

Most Americans no longer produce anything. They only consume. And they have no clue what was required to get that cup of Starbucks Sumatran dark roast in their hand. They not only do not produce anything themselves, they are also entirely disconnected from the production process.

If we are going to turn this country around, and if you are going to exit the matrix, that has to change.

Start by becoming a producer of something. It doesn’t matter what it is. It could be garlic or art or eggs or jewelry. It could be a service people need, such as home baking (which my sister Lisa wisely does around the Holidays), landscaping, a shuttle service, or whatever. Just find something that fits your circumstance, or better yet, something you enjoy.

There are farmer’s markets, art shows and flea markets all over this country that will provide you a venue to sell whatever it is you produce.

Becoming a producer empowers you by providing an offset to those things you must buy. It gives you an edge vis-à-vis the system. And it also can give your life new meaning and purpose.

When most mainstream economists – both liberal and conservative – are asked what the US economy needs to get out of its funk, they will repeat the same refrain that, “the consumer needs to start spending more again”. I would argue just the opposite.

The main problem with the US is that it has become a rather heavy-set, satisfied, lazy beast. Conspicuous consumption is rampant. Ingenuity and innovation are grinding to a halt. Many are flat afraid of ANY type of manual labor.

The economy has been decimated by a parasitic financial capitalism whose modus operandi is laziness. These are the touted “job creators”, who in reality are the, “job destroyers”. The matrix cheerleaders on CNBC call this bunch, the “financial services” industry.

These idle rich button-pushers specialize in wealth destruction through mergers, downsizing, speculation, derivatives, dark pools, “worker productivity”, insurance settlements and the like.

What we do not need is more speculation and consumption.

What we do need is production.

First, we need to break up the monopolistic cartels that rule nearly every industry, stifling competition. To help create this new competition we then need far more Americans to become producers.

But to become a producer, you need time away from the 9-5 rat race. And to get away from that, you’ll need to raise some cash.

Start by getting rid off all the needless shit that clutters your life, has put you in debt, has you pinned down in a cubicle and clouds your ability to even think clearly.

Yard sales are a highly underrated way to get rid of all the stuff clogging those plastic storage bins in your attic or garage. Most things in your house constitute unnecessary clutter. Selling them can pay down debt, put money in your pocket, even allow you to quit your job and start producing something.

Once a year commit to having a three or four day yard sale. We go Thursday-Sunday, leaving most of it out overnight unless it rains. The hardest part is getting all the stuff in and out the door, so you may as well do four days if you can, before bringing what’s left – always much less – back in.

Don’t bother with newspaper ads, unless they are free or super cheap. Instead, focus on good sign placement. Start with a sign at a major intersection or two near your place. Use a big arrow on those signs. Put the same colored arrows on the next ones until you hit your driveway. Three or four signs should do it.

Make them out of free cardboard and a black magic marker. Add some color as an eye-catcher if you can. Secure the signs firmly to something. I usually nail them part way into a power pole, then bend the nails down to firm them up and so that they and the nails will come out easily. Leave the signs up day and night during the sale, and make sure to remove them when you’re finished.

If you’re moving, start early and have one or two weekends of moving sales. We always start our moving sales before we’ve even sold a house. Your house will actually sell sooner with less clutter in it. People want to envision their own stuff in a house when they are looking to buy. Your stuff will just make the place look smaller.

Having the moving sale early sends the universe a signal of intention that we are ready to move on. This creates momentum towards selling the house. Be proactive.

Each time we’ve moved on we’ve made a few thousand extra dollars just by having that moving sale. By getting rid of stuff, you also save money renting a U-Haul or a storage unit. And traveling light between places allows you the mobility to embark upon that dream trip you’ve always wanted to take.

Stuff is just stuff. You can always get more. If you wish to bail the matrix, it is extremely important that you lose your attachment to your stuff.

Obviously there are sentimental items which you’ll want to take with you and that’s fine. We do the same. But all other things can be procured when you’ve settled in again, often in newer condition and many times at a lower price or even free if you keep those coyote eyes open.

Bigger ticket items do not sell that well at yard sales. You’re better off using Craigslist or radio call-in shows, like Tradio, to buy appliances, nice furniture, electronics, instruments, equipment, etc. Tradio is an even better place to sell these types of things.

Start selling these items even before you launch your moving sale because it sometimes takes more time to sell the more expensive items.

Take whatever doesn’t sell at your yard or moving sale to a nearby pawn shop. The owner will usually give you another $50-$100 for the rest of it. If not drop it off at a local church or thrift store. They’ll be glad to have it.

Many people I know seem to have that pesky few thousand dollars in credit card debt that they just can’t seem to escape. With interest rates of 15 % or more, this is literally a giant Goldman Sachs vampire squid wrapped around your neck.

If these people would simply sell a few big ticket items and have a once-yearly yard sale, they could easily pay off those usurious credit cards and burn them.

But the best part of trading all this useless stuff for cash and paying down debt is that it’s gone. I guarantee you will feel better.

It will be easier to remember where more useful possessions are at again, you’ll be more organized and feel liberated from the clutter energy that had begun to permeate your abode, compliments of the matrix.

Nickels and dimes add up and making them add up is the key to matrix emancipation.

Along the way, don’t get suckered into one of those get rich quick schemes. I should know. I tried many of them in my youth and I lost money every single time.

When I was in college a guy who lived a few rooms down in the dormitory told me soybeans futures were going to the moon. He got me to match his $1,500 and together we bought a March contract. At first the price went up. I said we should cash in. He said wait. The price then swooned, we got a margin call and our $3,000 was gone. I had to borrow money from my mom. Ugh!

Another time, I bought bonds from some traveling shyster operating out of the offices of my local bank for the day. He lied to me directly about the inverse relationship between a bond price and its yield. Or he was such a shill or idiot that he really didn’t even know.

At any rate, I put $3,000 into a bond mutual fund and watched the yield go steadily up, which he had told me was what I wanted to happen. You actually want the yield to go lower which causes the price of the bond to go up. I took another haircut.

But I’d also learned a valuable lesson about investing in the rigged casino, otherwise known as Wall Street. I haven’t sent a dime in that direction for 25 years. And I never again will.

If you have money in that heart of the matrix that is Wall Street, do whatever it takes and get it out. It’s about to crash again. Don’t be a fool!

I tried both Amway and Juice Plus multilevel marketing scams and again lost money. These are basically Ponzi schemes where the first few people who started the company make money every time some unknowing SOB – like me – buys cases of product and tries to resell them.

Most times the person is unable to sell this much ballyhooed high-priced junk. If he does sell product, those above him in the pyramid get a cut.

If, much more likely, he falls on his face, those insiders have still made money selling him/her the initial product. If these financial parasites can sell just one case of their snake oil to a million new recruits, they’ve sold a whole lot of product.

That’s the secret to the scam that goes under the Orwellian name of “multilevel marketing”. Stay away from ALL of it.

It really is true – unless you sell your soul and go to work as a trader for Goldman Sachs –there is no shortcut to getting ahead. Hard work pays off. So does living frugally. It’s that simple.

Also remember that the turtle wins the race. Start slowly on your noble path towards matrix emancipation. Make lists. Go at your own pace, but be persistent. Keep at it. If you stumble, get back up again and keep moving forward. Put your boots on soldier.

Be a warrior in the fight to make your country great again, and yourself whole again.

This is War!

Dean Henderson is the author of five books: Big Oil & Their Bankers in the Persian Gulf: Four Horsemen, Eight Families & Their Global Intelligence, Narcotics & Terror Network, The Grateful Unrich: Revolution in 50 Countries,Das Kartell der Federal Reserve, Stickin’ it to the Matrix & The Federal Reserve Cartel.  You can subscribe free to his weekly Left Hook column

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