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August 18th, 2015


EX-FIGHTERS AND unarmed Kisangani FDLR, July 28, 2015

THEIR FAMILIES confined Kisangani




His Excellency Mr. Said Djinnit, Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations in the Great Lakes Region.



Subject: Distress Cry of Kisangani confined.


Excellency Djinnit,

We, the former FDLR fighters disarm voluntarily and with our dependents stationed in Kisangani have the honor to launch this cry of distress in the place of your illustrious personality and through it, to all humanity, so that all natural or legal person in love of humanity, freedom and justice can fly to our rescue.

Saidi Djinit, left, head of the delegation that requires Rwandan refugees return to Rwanda by force

Indeed, Your Excellency, Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations in the Great Lakes Region, during your last visit July 8, 2015 in our camp, you were able to realize yourself living conditions how deplorable that we lead since early this year, recurrent food deprivation often over a period of seven days in a row, medical neglect, family disintegration and separation and a worrying security situation.

During our interview, you yourself have acknowledged that mistakes had been made and that there had been slippages in the management of cantonment camp in general and in the management of particularly confined outlet. You promised on the same occasion that you would use your influence to find ways to remedy as quickly as possible to this situation. But alas, since then the situation has only become worse more:

  • Recall that since the beginning of this year, the Government of DR Congo has repeatedly declared by the voice of the manager’s Camp he is no longer able to provide our support, hence the recurrent food deprivation often spanning several days in a row. Even after your visit, the scenario was repeated twice:  from 12 to 19 July 2015  and  from July 26 to 28 2015, the date of writing our present letter, serious cases of malnutrition are increasing daily with risk of severe complications in the coming days, especially in the most vulnerable segments of the population.
  • Although MONUSCO often helps in disponibilisant batches of drugs, we are very often  denied medical treatment  by the repeated unavailability of health workers; for example: no medical care, strictly speaking, since until today June 26, 2015 while the camp is experiencing a resurgence of malaria. We report a passage threatened abortion cases with no medical assistance from the current 26 despite repeated warnings to the place of the authorized services.
  • Family dislocation: always the status quo. The most obvious fact being that of a baby less than two years separated from his mother for two months, and still detained with his dad in a military prison in Bukavu and other children separated from their parents.
  • Worrying security situation: Given the latest tragedy Kanyabayonga of May 25, 2015 during which there were deaths, injuries and missing, having regard also to the unfortunate events of June 26, 2015 in Kisangani where about 300 military FARDC overran the camp to bother and remove our officers frames after smashing doors, windows and pavilions; Walungu and on the same day, was removed 40 people of which 34 were forcibly repatriated, 4 people still kept in prison in Bukavu and 2 others transferred to Kisangani. Incidentally, all the civil and military officers kidnapped in Kisangani camps, Kanyabayonga and Walungu, are currently kept in a booth near the Kisangani camp, after being carefully searched and pleased with all their information and communication media ( phones, radio) and personal valuables (silver, archives, diary), and this in order to muzzle and cut their bases remained in camps. So corroborates the recent situation and only increases our concerns that we have, also referred repeatedly to each of our letters addressed to various individuals including those who read me a copy, since the supposed strengths are our security the very ones that are used to plunge into disarray.

All these clearly malicious acts have resulted in confined create a psychosis of fear and generalized panic, causing a significant decrease in their trust certain personalities MONUSCO and dangerously undermined the education of our children and their School leadership initiated with our own panel.

In doing only relay the remarks made publicly by some staff committed to the camp management or by some DDRRR officers from MONUSCO, we will reveal that all these above maneuvers mentioned and executed in full sight of MONUSCO are that the actuation of a macabre plan to boycott the voluntary disarmament of the FDLR and force all confined to forced repatriation and unconditionally.

This plan has already been initiated by food and medical hardships and isolation of frames, and would continue through the separation of former combatants of their families; and if the repatriation resistance persisted, it will end with the use of force itself.

Excellency the Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations in the Great Lakes Region,

See the fate that we currently booked, we ask more than one question in particular:

  • Would we have been wrong to have voluntarily laid down their weapons to promote by peaceful means, the search for a lasting peace in our Great Lakes?
  • If there is wrong, we justify the inhuman treatment which we are currently subject and loss of enjoyment of fundamental rights and freedoms of the human person seen at the place stationed FDLR in DR Congo?
  • Having deposited our weapons voluntarily and not constituting a threat, or the safety of the DR Congo, or the safety of our dear country Rwanda, nor that of any other country in the region, why we would choose, at all costs, to track us by force, then we have good reason to worry that our security is in the hands of the man who massacred us and chasing us and massacred us, and continues to pursue us even out its territory to destroy us?

From all the above, all in all, we thank you and to express our deep gratitude for the concern you have shown in us and concretized by visiting the July 8, 2015; we reiterate the same time our cry of distress while praying urge you to use your influence to remedy this disastrous situation and find so little lasting solution for peace in our Great Lakes Region.

We also pray SADC reads us a copy, and in whom we placed our trust and handed over our weapons, kindly consider our own concerns and those especially the Government of the Democratic Republic of Congo regarding our security and our support, and draw the necessary conclusions.

In the hope that our SOS meet your assent and spark a surge of compassion and active solidarity throughout the world, wanting to please accept, Excellency, the Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations in the Great Lakes Region the expression of our highest consideration.


For disarmed ex-FDLR and their families stationed in Kisangani

Leonidas FASHAHO


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