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29 octobre 2015


This article is a comment of one of our many readers in Tanzania, who wants to share the info about how the Hima-Tutsi Empire is using women as spy agents. This strategy was so effective in ex Zaïre, where many leaders have tutsi concubines. These women worked hard and now RD Congo is a Paul Kagame’s colony/IKAZE IWACU.


JACQUELINE NTUYABALIWE, former miss Tanzania

Miss Tanzania 2000 and pop singer Jacqueline Ntuyabaliwe married Tanzanian media mogul Bernard Mengi earlier this year in a lavish wedding held in Mauritius. K-Lyinn, as she is popularly known, has successfully managed to hide the specifics and details on her familiy’s past in part because her new husband is the media kingpin of Tanzania and also because she takes advantage of Tanzania’s carefree attitude towards people’s ethnic backgrounds.

Jacqueline Ntuyabaliwe is a Tutsi born in Tanzania to Rwandan parents. Her father left Rwanda after the 1959 revolution with his parents for Burundi where the family was housed by members of Burundi’s royal family. Her father got married in Burundi to a Rwandan Tutsi relative of Rwanda’s current first lady Jeannette Nyiramogi Kagame. Jeanette Nyiramogi also grew up in Burundi. The couple fled to Tanzania when Micombero was ousted in the 1976 coup. K-Lyinn was to be born two years later in Tanzania.

Jacqueline Ntuyabaliwe’s parents who were close to Burundi’s King Ntare V, were then supporters of Tutsi superiority and restoration of the Tutsi monarchy in Rwanda. From a young age, Ntuyabaliwe was recruited as part of the Honeypot Espionage Tutsi agents who were recruited and trained by the RPF across East Africa in the late 1980s and early 1990s. She was tasked with infiltrating Tanzanian high society from a very young age.

The marriage day

Miss Ntuyabaliwe’s breakthrough happened when in the year 2000, she won Miss Tanzania beauty pageant after some of the judges were bribed and others threatened. The first part of her mission which was being in a spotlight that would raise her social status, had been achieved. This was easy as she had attempted to do so earlier through a flegling musical career through a band called Tanzanites. K-Lyinn’s crowning as Miss Tanzania meant that her music career took off and she became an instant celebrity. She immediately became a socialite within high Tanzanian society.

The second part of Miss Ntuyabaliwe’s mission was to get close to someone influential and powerful. Reginald Mengi, a media mogul who controls most of the press in Tanzania was her target. She became his on and off mistress for a couple of years until she managed to get pregnant and her status was elavated from being a mistress to a partner. Despite this, she was still not able to get him to marry her even after giving birth to two twins.

But earlier this year when the Hima-Tutsi empire began moving in on Tanzania, Jacqueline Ntuyabaliwe had orders to do whatever it takes to get married and she did so by sealing the deal and was wed to Reginald Mengi, effectively placing all his influence especially his media empire, into the hands of the Hima-Tutsi empire.

MENGI AND JACQAll Tanzanians know how ITV which is owned by Mengi favours Chadema and was viciously critical of Kikwete even to the point of blatant personal attacks. ITV’s coverage of this year’s elections has for example been biased and they tried to show the world that there was election violence in Tanzania. But this is just the beginning, with a well trained seasoned honeypot of the Hima-Tutsi like Jacqueline Ntuyabaliwe in charge of Reginald Mengi’s resources and media empire, the Hima-Tutsi empire has the ability to do what it wants not just in Tanzania but East Africa too.

People have been too occupied by Lowassa as an agent of Kagame but Lowassa has been defeated in the elections. Lowassa is just a diversion. Control of the press as the events of today show, is more effective than a presidency in check in a functioning democracy. If Lowassa refuses to concede defeat, as he is doing, you can be sure Reginald Mengi’s media empire now under control of Tutsi agent Jacqueline Ntuyabaliwe, will provide all the necessary resources need to cause havoc in Tanzania.

This year the Hima-Tutsi empire might have been defeated on the Tanzanian election front, for now, but they already won this same year when Jacqueline Ntuyabaliwe became Mrs. Reginald Mengi.

Wazalendo Walinga Jamhuri Movement.

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