Welcome to Great Lakes Network !

a journalistic network for the Great Lakes Region, we work in conjunction with the Congolese Solidarity Campaign of South Africa and GLSN – Great Lac Solidarity Network.

Our honorary member is S`bu Zikode, founder of Abahlali baseMjondolo.

GLN provides reading material on the history and current geo-political situation of the Great Lakes. Most importantly our work will focus on building Ubuntu among the people of the Great Lakes nations by exposing the system of identity politics that has been used to divide communities and nations.

We would like to see the spirit of Ubuntu growing and empowering a new economic system for the development of the region`s physical economy as this is the solution to the many issues of the Great Lakes countries of Uganda, Burundi, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

CSC provides education through panel discussions and workshops on a variety of subjects that concern the DRC, democracy, state institutions and the well- being of the nation. The panel discussions and workshops are provided free of charge to the Congolese diaspora in South Africa.

GLSN provides a platform for restoring UBUNTU in the heart of Africa and resolving the issues of identity politics that keep the nations of the Great Lacs divided, brother from brother.

                                                                        Great Lakes Network   

                                                                               OUR CHARTER


                                   our hero      Thomas Isidore Noel Sankara (1949 – 1987)

Tout homme qui est un vrai homme doit apprendre à rester seul au milieu de tous, à penser seul pour tous et au besoin contre tous” Romain Rolland

Our Charter

Our goal is to establish an international dialogue concerned with the peace and properity of the Great Lakes Region. Our work is focussed on the Democratic Republic of Congo, this being the heart of the African continent. We intend to find ideas and solutions with which political and economic reform will allow for the Congolese people to benefit from the wealth of their homeland.

GLN is an information network where we can learn from the mistakes of the past and analyze current political and economic systems, how and why they have failed us; kept us impoverished and without representation in government.

We focus our attention on building a new positive energy for the region, how development can be used to unite all nations of Africa and particularly those of the Great Lakes. This development must also be a new positive energy, not run on the globalist debt system but founded on the credit based American System of Political Economy as taught by Lyndon LaRouche.

We remain committed to solutions which are peaceful, compassionate and based upon principles that benefit and liberate human beings both financially ,socially, and spiritually.

                                  A LUTA CONTINUA

                                           PHAMBILI !


GLN invites anyone with a good heart to join us. We ask you without obligation to show your commitment by supporting the Congolese Solidarity Campaign with a yearly donation.Their work is unfunded and requires finance urgently. They are the people doing the groundwork, sharing their knowledge with many who do not have access to the internet. Your support will help them to grow and spread their message. There will be a donate button on the host website africanagenda.

If you would like to join us please write in to lawtonpip(at)yahoo(dot)

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– building a brotherhood and sisterhood of solidarity among the people of Congo, Rwanda, Uganda and Burundi

-that we can come together and restore peace and democracy to our countries

– to put a stop to the identity politics that the elites have used to divide us

– to break the silence about life in our countries

We stand together, the people of the Great Lakes, we stand together not divided. We stand in solidarity as African.We have the human right to the development of our countries and to live in peace and prosperity


Honorary member – S`bu Zikode , founder of Abahlali baseMjondolo

Dean Henderson , author and geo-political analyst

Raphael Bahebwa Kabambire; president of the Congolese Solidarity Campaign

Lucien Kyanga Dunia; French/English translation for GLN by Lucien Kyanga Dunia

Philippa D Lawton, writer and researcher of African affairs, founder of