Glass-Steagall – Financial Revolution

Glass- Steagall is a banking act  legislated in 1933 by Pres. Franklin Delano Roosevelt to protect the nation`s savings and pensions from the gambling practices of Wall Street and to prevent a further occurrence of the Great Depression which was caused by the casino-like financial practices of the Wall Street bankers.  Glass-Steagall was repealed under Bill Clinton. The financial crash of 2008 happened less than 10 years later.

The Glass-Steagall Banking Act of 1933:

The Criminal British Financial Empire of the City of London

In 2008, the international financial oligarchy, centred on the British Crown, the City of London, and Wall Street, directed terrified governments to spend tens of trillions in public funds to “bail out” so-called Too Big To Fail (TBTF) banks, whose quadrillions of dollars in speculation had caused the crisis in the first place. In the years since, those banks have not stopped their unbridled speculation, nor their drug money-laundering, terror-financing, tax evasion and other criminality; the tens of billions of dollars in fines incurred for such activity are simply written off as a cost of doing business. ”

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‘Bail-in’: They plan to steal your personal bank deposits and pensions!

Throw the money-changers out of the temple of our civilization

Glass-Steagall put properly, is not a federal regulation aimed at restraining the criminal temptations of an otherwise happy-go-lucky Wall Street. Glass-Steagall’s aim is to “throw the money changers out of the temple of our civilization”, once again, as President Franklin D. Roosevelt had the courage to do. It is not an adjustment within an otherwise operable system. Glass-Steagall is a revolution in national policy, a Declaration of Independence against an oppressive regime.

Glass-Steagall will not regulate Wall Street, but destroy it, and put it out of its misery, once and for all. America does not need Wall Street for its economy to grow any more than a tumor would be helpful to the growth of a man. The American Credit System, long advocated by Lyndon LaRouche, is the historical beacon with which finance the nation’s future. The cult of Wall Street—the system of finance characterized by increased rates of gambling, stealing, and fraud, has, once again, nearly destroyed the United States and therefore itself. Like a cancer, it must kill you in order for it to stay alive.”

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The Glass-Steagall Revolution

By implementing Glass-Steagall the power of the central banking system is broken. If this were done in South Africa then the government would be able to secure the money for national development.

Any country can legislate Glass-Steagall. South Africa could implement it today if there were a president with the will and courage to do so. If African states did it in unison then it would be economic freedom for Africa.

Glass-Steagall must be implemented before it`s too late.


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