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Mon Feb 22, 2016 11:00
Keith Khoza, a spokesman for South Africa’s ruling African National Congress Party
Keith Khoza, a spokesman for South Africa’s ruling African National Congress Party

A top member of South Africa’s ruling social democratic party says that the United States is trying to foment regime change in his country, and that Washington must clarify the “irregular activities” of some of its diplomats there.

“There seems to be irregular activities coming from the US Embassy,” Keith Khoza, a spokesman for the African National Congress Party, said.

The ANC will relay its concerns to Washington through diplomatic channels, he said.

Khoza’s remarks echoed those of ANC Secretary General Gwede Mantashe, who said clandestine meetings aimed at promoting regime change in South Africa are being held regularly at the US Embassy in Pretoria.

US Ambassador to South Africa Patrick Gaspard

“As we mobilize our people, we must say be vigilant. You must see through anarchy and people who are out there in a program of regime change. We are aware of the meetings taking place regularly at the American Embassy,” Mantashe told thousands of ANC supporters in Pretoria on Friday.

He added, “Those meetings in the American Embassy are about nothing else other than mobilization for regime change. We’re aware of a program that takes young people to the United States for six weeks, bring them back and plant them everywhere in the campuses and everywhere.”

US Ambassador to South Africa Patrick Gaspard has strongly dismissed the accusations.

He said the young people in question are part of the Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders. US President Barack Obama started the initiative in 2014.


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you really believe that is what the US wants in the african continent, you must be deluded to believe this. the US wants a puppet governement in south africa and they want to break the BRICS organisation as they are doing in Brazil, so that no one can challenge the US.


I disagree @Dube, democracy does not mean giving up power for the sake of change. I’m Nigerian and for 16 years, the conservative predator held on to power. Infact until Muhammadu Buhari, the predators in Nigeria have held power since 1960. We didn’t give up, they didn’t relent either! They were as resolute in hanging on to power as much as we were taciturn and convinved that they must go. In SA, if the alegation are true, then Zuma must act fast otherwise, the labour of Nelson mandela will be in vain.

Tips you can apply to expose the ring leader, obama, to your people. Organize demonstrations at the U.S Embassy with obama’s picture on signs, with writings saying that we love America, and the American people, but we hate obama’s orders that he gave to destabilize and destroy our country, because we are a member of BRICKS.

Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders” ????? Who is founding this ? George Soros? Just like 23 Schools for Leaders all over the world founded by Soros to have puppets that will serve zionists. Very typical. Soros founded and send people to Poland during changes in the 90’s. He set up Batory Foundation to start the changes, but no one knew that it was to push Soros agenda.

I am a white South African. I have seen for last few years how US Embassy’s illegal and clandestine interference into our country policies. Trained and paid by US trouble makers are appearing at ALL parties meetings, workers gatherings and even sport events. We must catch them and punished them proportionally to a danger they create to our democratic country. Be aware of DP party participation in these illegal activities of US warmongers.

Sir, I am from South Africa as well, it is all about BRICS and the US hegemony has been dealt a big blow as well, as ANC politicians are aligned with and are committed to the new BRICS bank.

I am glad to see that some South Africans see the what is done to their country out of the view. Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African is nothing else then brain washing people to serve George Soros and his zionist friends.

They did this in Poland also, but they didn’t found out until 20 something years later. “Solidarity” movement was presented to Poles as grass root workers movement. Now, they founding out that it was done and payed with Soros and CIA money laundered through Vatican Bank.


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