LaRouche Movement Says: Free the Pope from Satan!

There’s Man-Made Global Warming—in Hell,
But What Nations Will Agree to Go There?

July 1, 2015—The following statement was issued today by Ramasimong Phillip Tsokolibane, spokesman in South Africa for the movement of the American economist and statesman Lyndon LaRouche.
During the most recent days, John Schellnhuber, a Satanist in the service of the British Royal Family, has, in effect, declared himself Pope. Schellnhuber was fraudulently inducted overnight into the Pontifical Academy of Sciences and tasked with explaining to the public the Pope’s most recent, ‘green,’ encyclical—of which Schellnhuber himself was obviously the author. This Schellnhuber, a Commander of the Order of the British Empire, openly advocates, on behalf of Britain’s Satanic Royal Family, that world population must be reduced to only one billion persons. He wants to kill off 6 out of every 7 of us.
Anyone who reads the encyclical written by Schellnhuber for issuance by Pope Francis, cannot escape the conclusion that it is an attempt to destroy mankind, seen as that violent race made from the mere soil of the creator ‘Mother Earth’.
Pope Francis presumably does not want to wipe out most of the human species. But the British Royal Family does—and says so publicly—and the Pope has capitulated to the leading Satanic forces on planet Earth. The Encyclical Laudato si’ is completely unlike, and opposed to, every papal encyclical of the industrial era. It is a Satanist operation, a horrible corruption of the Catholic Church and of Christianity.
It is also an assault on science, technological progress, and the idea of human beings as co-creators with the Creator.
The controlling author of the encyclical, Schellnhuber—or ‘Satanhuber’—has stated in the past that the maximum number of human beings which can be sustained by ‘Mother Earth’ is ‘less than 1 billion’. He is momentarily and violently trying to deny these statements, but they have been made at international climate conferences and reported in major press since 2009.
The British royals, and their other leading anti-science agents such as Sir David Attenborough, shamelessly state that the human race is a pollution of Mother Earth, and should be leveled, by any means necessary, to ‘less than 1 billion’ in number. This ‘Satanhuber’ has been a personal agent deployed by British Queen Elizabeth and her son Prince Charles since at least 2004, to demand that major governments agree to ‘decarbonise’ and scrap modern industry.
That the British Royals are purely Satanic cannot be doubted by any observer or victim of the policies of the British Empire. They have slaughtered people as they would beasts; in fact they treat their pets and beasts better than humans. For example, the British Royals repeatedly, deliberately starved the Irish and the Indians to death—most recently, when Royal puppet Winston Churchill starved at least three million Indians to death during World War II—all the while refusing American offers of food aid to India. The Royals’ eager propensity for mass murder has only increased during the reign of Elizabeth II, whose husband has repeatedly expressed the wish that he be reincarnated as a deadly virus in order to help solve the ‘population problem’. And now Schellnhuber, the new would-be Pope, calls for the death of six billion human beings. A would-be Pope who is one thousand times worse than Hitler!
The season of mass murder was already far advanced in the world, even before this atrocity in the Vatican. What else could we call the mass-drownings of refugees in the Mediterranean—refugees from the pretended ‘right to protect’ (R2P) wars of Barack Obama, himself also a British stooge? Not only southeast Ukraine, not only the Middle East, but the United States is being stalked by mass murder as well. Now, the deep corruption on display in the Papacy, within Christianity, if it is not stopped immediately, likely means the early extinction of the human race itself. Don’t just think of its effect on Christians. Don’t limit yourself to remembering all the mass slaughters which declared Christians have committed, supposedly in the name of their faith. The horror doesn’t stop there. Think also of the Hell that this Satanic fraud is provoking already, now among non-Christians as well.
The Pope has capitulated to the world’s leading Satanists; Schellnhuber virtually sees himself sitting in the Chair of Saint Peter.
But what nations on the planet will agree to accept this order from the British Royal Family, conduited through the Vatican? There is absolutely no basis in science or nature, for the claim that mankind is merely a mass of violent and overconsuming beasts; no basis for the claim of this encyclical, that scientific and technological progress does not uplift the poor.
I wish to state that we, here in South Africa, must take a leadership role in rejecting the false science and bestial assumptions in this encyclical. They stand in sharp contrast to the policies of the BRICS nations, of which we, as a BRICS member, are the leading representative in Africa. As mankind faces problems and challenges, it is our unique capacity to solve them with our God-given powers of foresight and creativity. That is what sets us apart from all other known creatures of the universe and from the so-called natural world. It is therefore fitting and necessary that we resolve ourselves in favour of the development of these creative capacities of mankind. It is precisely through increases in the energy flux density of our technologies that progress is possible. To state falsely that we must reduce energy flux density, that we must move away from the expansion of the peaceful use of nuclear energy, and that we must reject efforts to develop unlimited sources energy, when we are on the edge of harnessing the process that powers the Sun—clean fusion energy—is a crime against humanity that must lead to the deaths of billions of people, as the British Royals and their fellow Satanists such as Schellnhuber desire. Stand with this encyclical, and you stand against human progress and for Satan. Those in our country who line up in that way, are exposing themselves as agents of Satan, against our national interest and the interest of all of mankind.
The capitulation of the Papacy to the British Royal Satanists is a threat to mankind of the greatest seriousness. If you believe in the future of our unique human species—on this planet and in the Solar System and the galaxy—you must mobilise yourself now to save humanity from this threat of extinction. Yes, the atrocities of Satanists Hitler and Mussolini are like nothing when compared to the threat of British Monarchical control over the Papacy. If you wait to find out more, you will be dead yourself. Free the Pope from Satan!
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