Fifty Five years of UNFREEDOM in CONGO




“Are we independent or dependent?”

The Congolese Solidarity Campaign (CSC) is a grass root social movement of the Refugees based in Durban, South Africa. They are committed to the uplifting of the refugees quality of life and to peace and stability in DR Congo.

The  Congolese Solidarity Campaign celebrates this memorable day of 30th June to acknowledge to the world the untold history which has led us from Independence to where we are today,and also to present the current social situation of Congolese citizens where torture, civil war, injustice, insecurity and rape have become a daily reality.

Our topic of the day will be ” Are we independent or dependent?”

With a very interesting range of panelists, the exchanges and discussions will clarify many dark points.

Democratic Republic of Congo Independence Day is a national holiday, which is celebrated to commemorate the country`s liberation from Belgium in 1960. The day is observed on June 30 every year.The people of Democratic Republic of the Congo think of it as the most important occasion in their life. Democratic Republic of the Congo was a colony of Belgium from 1908 to 1960.

As stated by Lumumba “Congo independence opens freedom to the entire continent”, for us, Congolese Solidarity Campaign. This day should be a reference when we are talking about democracy, equality and justice for all Africans.

The road to African independence was very hard and tortuous through blood by fights, revolts and assassinations.In the same spirit, we are encouraging  African Unity by inviting our brothers and sisters from South Africa, Somalia, Ethiopia, Burundi… to be part of celebration.

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