Feed the Future: Eating is a Moral Right

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Six U.S. Farm Leaders
Feed the Future: Eating is a Moral Right

Schiller Institute
Robert Baker

April 26—Six U.S. farm leaders and the Schiller Institute’s Agriculture Coordinator, Robert Baker, address the agricultural crisis in the context of cartelization, COVID-19, and world hunger, as part of Panel 4 of the Schiller Institute’s April 25-26 teleconference.

Robert Baker: The world now faces the biggest food crisis in history. That includes the United States. Where were we six months ago? In Europe, thousands of farmers had their tractors side-by-side in the streets of Berlin, Paris, Madrid; and month after month, they blocked up the cities of Europe and hundreds of miles of highways.

In the United States last year, hundreds of farmers left their ranches and fields and went out to mass meetings in the farm belt. Why? The financial-economic system had gotten so bad, they were demonstrating for the simple right to produce food. It was the same in other parts of the world, where people from South Africa, South America, to the Middle East, were also in the streets. They couldn’t afford to eat! In Africa, almost half of that huge continent has to rely on food imports, when, with the right technology, Africans could feed the entire world.

We already knew that we needed a new system. Then, bang! The new virus hit. Now, we absolutely are going to replace this evil, Wall Street, City of London system of speculation that has crashed, with a new productive system.

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