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Few Africans really know the history of this man, one of the largest, if not the greatest political leader the world has ever known. How many Africans know, for example,

that Gaddafi’s Libya has invested more in Africa than all the Western financial institutions (IMF, World Bank, Paris Club, etc.) together?

How many Congolese know that one of the reasons that led to the dismissal of the young Gaddafi High School Sabha (Fezzan) is that it would organize a mass demonstration to protest against the assassination of Patrice Lumumba? How many Africans know, for example, that if African state have stood at the entrance of AFRICOM on the continent, it is because every time that the USA offered them large sums of money for that they accept AFRICOM, Gaddafi offered twice to dissuade them? Why Gaddafi was there so much opposition to the entry of Africom on the continent? As noted with regard to Cameroonians, this behavior of the Guide of the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, was linked to the history of his country. Under King Idriss, the puppet of the Anglo-Saxon kingdom of Libya hosted several American and British military bases, including the British base at El Adem, near Tobruk, and the base of Wheelus Field near Tripoli, where staying fifteen thousand technical personnel, civilians and American soldiers. Bases─ these states in a état─ served refueling Israelis with weapons, ammunition and food during the Six Day War─ that’s not counting the decisive contribution of Libyan oil tanks which allowed the Moshe Dayan to inflict an irreparable loss to Arab states. Nasser, the “idol” of Gaddafi, even wanted to commit suicide. The young Muammar keep bad memories of this event; and this is why it will close these bases once in power.


They also told us that Gaddafi beat all records of human rights abuses, as during his reign, women had no rights─ this is what confirms Annick Cojean, journalist in the world in a book -torchon just published. Questions: what elements are based organizations who claim that under Gaddafi, the human rights abuses were systematic? How to understand that the Libyan people, supposedly subject to the terror of his guide, chose to stay in his country, instead of seeking asylum as do most Africans subjected to the dictates of tyrannical regimes, customers of West? How to understand that even as the terrorists NATO bombed Libya, nearly 90% of Libyans supported their guide according to a North African magazine? Libyans are they masochists at this point? Or “opinion leaders” in the service of obscure interests, wanted to take us for a ride? Was dictator by the West and their African lackeys or as the Libyan people? If it really was, was it the West to send him or task she not only was up to the Libyan people? Why do they accept the Libyans to form a human shield to defend their leader if hell was it? Yesterday, Canadian bombers were forced to cancel a mission to Tripoli since facing a huge crowd came to defend his Guide. The facts speak for themselves

Other things they do not tell you about Libya under Gaddafi:

electricity and domestic water were free

, the cost of living in Libya was much lower than in many Western countries, if not all;

Libyan banks provided loans without interest; Citizens did not have to pay taxes, and VAT did not exist; the state has invested a lot of money to create a variety of jobs;

GDP / capita was $ 13,300, 81st in the world, so before Argentina, South Africa and Brazil. The average literacy rate was 82.6%, the main asset of the Libyan education system was to be free and to allow the best students to pursue their higher education (PhD view master) abroad with a grant of government. Any graduate student receiving the average salary of the profession the chosen course if it does not find a job. The country has a program of social services launched in March 2008 by Muammar Gaddafi. On the social front, the year 2010 was successful according to the first report on the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

Libya had no debt,

unlike France ($ 233 billion), the USA ($ 16 trillion), Canada and Great Britain. The price for the purchase of a car was the factory price; When couples marry, the state paid the first apartment or house (150 square meters). There were places called “Jamaiya” that sell for half price feedstocks for any large family, on presentation of the family book.

For a tyrant in a country under embargo for years, it’s still amazing as social policy!


Many Africans have often argued that Gaddafi is a troublemaker involved in the destabilization of many African countries. This assertion exact appearance, nevertheless suffers from an enlarged Libyan foreign policy in the years 70-80 objective analysis. Because the intervention in Libya in several African countries was motivated by an important factor that many observers have almost never taken into account: the struggle against Israeli influence, since the early 1970s, more than twenty states in sub-Saharan Africa are linked by cooperation agreements with Tel Aviv, also had in place some 2800 experts of all kinds, representing 60% of the total number of Israeli presence in countries cooperating developing. As the Israeli newspaper Haaretz wrote, December 8, 1972, Tripoli has managed not only to undermine Israel’s relations with black Africa, but also to demystify the ability of the Jewish state to respond effectively to political pressure from its Arab adversaries. “The highlight of the Libyan offensive was the breakdown in relations between Israel and a number of African states in mid-1970. The Chad will also be the site of a simmering confrontation between Libya and Western powers on top of which the United States and France.

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