The following is a quote from AIDS,Opium, Diamonds, and Empire by Nancy Turner Banks, MD

“Chemoantibiotics (anti [against], bio [life]), liberally given to both humans and domesticated animals, destroy the normal gut flora that aid in digestion and assimilation of our food and make it impossible to utilize the nutrition that is taken in. Many antibiotics and environmental toxins also damage a cellular organelle known as the mitochondria. It is in the mitochondria that our energy is produced in the form of a  molecule  of ATP (adenosine triphosphate). These fascinating organelles that at one time were ancient bacteria have their own DNA separate from nuclear DNA. Mitochondrial DNA is inherited through the maternal germline. Because of the intentional industrial attack of these organelles with drugs and toxins,  not only is permanent genetic damage being passed on to future generations but this practice is also creating a significant rise in current chronic diseases, such as Alzheimer`s, cancer and acquired immune deficiency.”


All AIDS prescription drugs are a form of chemotherapy.

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